The Email Marketing extension enables you to create and send out email campaigns and newsletters.

The extension uses the Campaign Monitor service which offers advanced, secure tools for email marketing.


Using the service is subject to fees.

The cost of using the service is 4 €/campaign + 0.016 €/recipient. A campaign can be sent to up to five recipients free of charge.

If you sign up for the service via MyCashflow, your email campaigns will be invoiced together with your MyCashflow monthly fee. If you use your own Campaign Monitor API credentials, in order to be able to create campaigns in MyCashflow, first save your credit card details for billing purposes in the service.

Installation and activation

Read also the general extension installation and deployment instructions.

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.

After enabling the Email Marketing extension, log in to Campaign Monitor:
  • If you already have a Campaign Monitor account, enter your Campaign Monitor API credentials.

    If you use your own Campaign Monitor credentials, you'll be charged for using the extension according to Campaign Monitor's pricing structure.

  • If you don't have your own Campaign Monitor account yet, click the Create account with 1-click link.

    → A separate account for your store will automatically be created.

    Creating credentials via MyCashflow enables MyCashflow's pricing.

See also the following articles:

How do customers subscribe to the newsletter?

Customers can subscribe to the newsletter while placing an order by selecting an option displayed at your online store's checkout. The option can be found at the following checkouts:The same option is also displayed in the registration form. Apart from that, customers can also subscribe to the newsletter via their own account.
You can also enable the option in the admin panel, in the customer account settings.

The customer must give explicit consent to receive newsletters

If you enable the newsletter subscription in the admin panel, you are legally obliged to have obtained the customer's consent in written form, such as in an email.

Where do I find my newsletter subscribers?

With the Email Marketing extension enabled, you'll be able to find all your newsletter subscribers on the admin panel Customers page.

Below the search field, in the upper right filter menu, select Newsletter subscribers.

Alternatively, access Campaign Monitor via the page Account > Apps to see the list of your newsletter subscribers on its Lists & subscribers page.

The details of those customers who have subscribed to the newsletter before the Email Marketing extension was enabled can be found in the Newsletter subscribers CSV export.

Such users can be added to the relevant email list in Campaign Monitor's admin panel.

reCAPTCHA forms

When the Email Marketing extension is enabled, the reCAPTCHA form is automatically added to your online store forms and checkout in order to prevent spam from being sent through them.

The reCAPTCHA check is available for the following online store forms:
  • the contact form
  • the availability notification form
  • the registration form
  • the newsletter subscription form
  • the password reset form

reCAPTCHA is added automatically to the registration and password reset form, regardless of whether the Email Marketing extension is enabled.

You can also enable reCAPTCHA in your online store by contacting our customer service.