The extension enables you to send an automatic reminder to visitors who abandoned their shopping carts in your online store.

The extension sends an automatic reminder according to defined settings for customers who have added products to the shopping cart in your online store but who haven't placed the order.

The message can be sent only if at least one of the following conditions applies to the visitor:

  • The customer has accepted the shipping conditions and proceeded to payment but the shopping cart has been abandoned nevertheless. In such case, an error may have occurred in the payment service, and the order couldn’t be processed.

  • The logged-in customer has agreed to receive marketing emails and has proceeded to checkout after adding products to the shopping cart.

  • The customer has subscribed to cart recovery messages (the form for doing so needs to be added separately to your store theme).

In the extension's settings, you can define the delay after which a reminder should be sent to the visitor.

The reminder contains a link with which the visitor can resume shopping. Before placing the order, the customer can still modify the contents of the shopping cart.

You can also add a one-off campaign code to the message to grant a fixed or percentage discount to the customer.

No reservation is made for products that were added to the shopping cart. If any of the products selected by the customer runs out of stock (and its sale is being discontinued) before the customer comes back to the store, that product will not be added to the shopping cart during its recovery.

However, the reminder sent to the customer will also contain products that are now out of stock.

Shopping cart recovery supports variations and customizations, which means that the customer won't have to select their items again.


Using the extension is free of charge.

Installation and activation

The extension is available only in the following MyCashflow plans:

  • Advanced
  • Pro
  • Enterprise
  1. On the Account > Apps > Cart Recovery page, enable the extension.
  2. Define the extension settings.
  3. Save the extension's settings.
  4. Make sure that shopping cart recovery has been implemented both in the email theme (if you use something other than the default email theme) and the store theme.

Extension settings

  • Testing mode: in testing mode, messages are sent without delay and only to users who are logged in to the admin panel.
  • Delay: enter the number of hours that should pass before the visitor is sent a reminder about the abandoned shopping cart.
    • The delay count starts from the last event that fulfills the conditions described at the beginning of this article. For example, if a customer who has agreed to receive marketing emails is logged in, the delay will be counted from the last time the customer filled in any details at the checkout.
    • You may want the delay to be around a couple of hours long at most. The visitor may browse other websites in search of the product, so sending a reminder in time will help you to outrun your competitors.
  • Message: write a message that should be displayed in the reminder. If you leave this field empty, the default message will be used instead (editable in your online store's dictionary).
    • In the message, you may want to adopt the customer-centric approach: include the customer service contact details and ask the visitor for feedback if the visitor chooses not to complete the order after receiving the reminder.
  • Shopping-cart-specific discounts: you can create a single-use discount code that will be added to the shopping cart reminder.
    • When you create a discount in the extension, a discount campaign will be created in your online store, and the resulting discount will automatically be applied at the checkout when the customer returns to your online store via the reminder.
    • The discount can be applied to all shopping cart products, only regularly priced shopping cart products or the order total (products as well as shipping and payment fees).
    • Don't give out a discount that's too large. It may be the case that the customer will come back to the store to complete the order, so giving out a shopping cart recovery discount that's too large would unnecessarily eat into your profits.
    • The discount campaign is used only for discounts connected to shopping cart recovery and cannot be modified or supplemented with additional discounts.

Implementing product bundles in the store theme

To implement the feature in your store theme:

  • Add the ../interface/tags/cartrecoverynotificationform.html tag to your store theme. The tag prints the form that enables visitors to subscribe to shopping cart recovery reminders.
  • Add the template for the recovery message to the email theme. The template is included in the email theme MyCashflow 2018 by default.

For detailed information about implementing shopping cart recovery, see Designer's Guide.

Shopping cart recovery in default themes

You can use MyCashflow's new MyCashflow 2018 email theme for sending reminders about abandoned shopping carts. The new email theme has been equipped with a ready-to-use email template for the reminder.

However, the default theme doesn't include the form for subscribing to the abandoned shopping cart reminder.

Even so, the reminder can still be sent out if any other of the conditions described at the beginning of this article have been fulfilled.

Shopping cart recovery reports

The admin panel's Overview > Shopping carts tab presents useful information about abandoned shopping carts, sent reminders, and also successful recoveries.