This extension enables you to use PostNord delivery services with your online store, allowing the delivery of the products ordered from the store to collection points, to parcel points or all the way to the home door of your customer.

Supported services

The extension enables the following PostNord delivery services in your online store, giving access to transport networks that extend to several European countries besides Finland (the exact list of target countries varies depending on the service and can be found on PostNord's website):

  • MyPack Collect: the parcel will be picked up from your store or warehouse and shipped to a collection point or parcel point near to the recipient's location.
  • MyPack Home: home delivery for private persons.
  • Parcel: business delivery directly to the recipient.

Installation and setup

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.

Start by enabling the PostNord extension in your online store:

  1. In your online store's admin panel, go to Account > Apps > PostNord.
  2. Enter the customer number and press Save.
Next, you can create a new shipping method:
  1. In the admin panel of your online store, go to Settings > Shipping methods.
  2. Create a new shipping method by clicking Add shipping method on the left-hand column.
  3. Select PostNord as the delivery service for the shipping method.
  4. Define the remaining settings for the shipping method and add the shipping costs.

    See the detailed instructions on how to create shipping methods.

After this, PostNord will be available for your customers at the checkout, provided that you have set the shipping method visible in the Enabled in version field in the shipping method settings.

Using pickup orders

You can arrange your PostNord shipments to be picked up from your shop or warehouse:

  1. Open an order that uses MyPack Collect on the page Orders in the online store's admin panel.
  2. Press Arrange a pickup in the notification on the page.

    PostNord will be notified of the pickup order. After a while, a representative of the service will pick up all the PostNord deliverables of the day and they will be shipped to the customers.

    The pickup address should be defined in the settings of the extension. If this has not been defined, the contact information in the store's general settings or version settings will be used instead.

Defining the sender address

On the page Account > Apps > PostNord you can define the sender address for PostNord shipping labels.

By default, PostNord will use the contact information as defined in the store's general settings or version settings. If you enter the sender address for the extension, it will always be used.