In this section, you'll learn how to perform actions related to managing and viewing orders.

When customers place orders in your online store, the orders are added in chronological order, starting from the newest, to the admin panel's Orders page, via which you can search for orders according to various criteria.

On the Orders page, you can open individual orders to access their details and perform the following actions:

Shopping carts

Abandoned shopping carts (in other words, orders that customers didn't complete) are listed on the Orders > Shopping carts page. You can use this to view all the available details regarding the shopping carts, such as their products and, possibly, customer information.

Payment transactions

A payment transaction is created at the same time as an order is placed in your online store. You can view all payment transactions on the page Orders > Payment transactions. You can also use this facility to check payment statuses.

Discount codes

You can create discount coupons for your customers on the page Orders > Discount coupons. Your customers can then enter a coupon code when they reach your online store's checkout to enable any discount that may have been set against the coupon.

You can also create discounts with the help of campaigns.

Order documents and emails

MyCashflow automatically creates email notifications and PDF printouts for all orders.

For instance, when a customer places an order in your store, the order confirmation is automatically sent to the customer's email address. When you mark a shipment as having been delivered, the customer receives a shipping confirmation.

If the customer has chosen to pay by invoice, the software will automatically create a PDF invoice based on the order details. This can then be downloaded from the Payment transactions menu in the upper right corner. A receipt is also created for all orders.

The order documents can be accessed via the Print order documents menu on the order page.

Email notifications can be found in the Email notifications order page section.