In MyCashflow, you can manage your online store's customer register in a highly flexible manner.

  • Customers can register in your online store while placing an order. However, you can also add customers to the customer register yourself.
  • You can create campaigns as well as do email and SMS marketing aimed at particular customer groups.

To see your online store's registered customers and customer groups, in the admin panel, go to Customers.

To see the details of an individual customer, select the customer's name from the list.

At the top of the view, you'll see the customer's personal data and registration details.

In the Orders tab below, you'll see all of the customer's orders, which can be in any state. In the Products tab, you can see all products ordered by the customer.

On the right side of the view, you can edit the customer's details by clicking Edit or delete the customer. Here you can also create a new order for the customer whose contents you can define yourself.