The design of MyCashflow online stores is defined in themes. Themes comprise of HTML and CSS files that are located in separate folders in the online store's file directory.

Store themes are located in the themes/shop folder in the store's file directory.

MyCashflow also contains multiple free, ready-to-use themes, whose files aren't located in the store's file directory but are built into the system. You can easily activate any of them via the User interface > Themes page.

Some of the ready-to-use themes are also available for download, thanks to which you can use them as basis for your own customizations (e.g. if you’d like to edit the design and layout of order printouts).

See the instructions on how to customize ready-to-use themes.

To customize a theme, you need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript

If you're not skilled in the languages, but you'd still like to customize your theme, contact your online store's theme designer or our customer service.

For more information about customizing and designing themes, see our Designer's Guide.

The contents of the online store can be fetched to theme files by using the MyCashflow Interface tags. All themes located in your online store's file directory can be found in the settings of any of your store's versions' settings, in the Store theme menu:

To enable a theme in a version, select it in the Store theme menu. So, store versions can use different themes or one shared theme.

See detailed instructions on how to install a theme.