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Theme Guide

For designers working on new or existing custom store themes forMyCashflow online stores. Learn about the basics of the MyCashflow service's design system, theme structure, as well as the skills and technologies necessary to implement them.

Starting your first theme project?

See a quick guide for all the steps you need to take to create your first store theme. To save time and effort, you can use the default theme Barebones, which contains many useful tools that come in handy when designing a theme:

  • a CSS grid
  • SASS styles
  • easy-to-use JavaScript plugins
  • Font Awesome icons

Make also sure check out the mycashflow-sync tool, which allows you to easily sync theme files from your local environment to the MyCashflow server.

Why don't my theme changes appear in the online store?

Usually this happens because an old version of the page is cached. To load the current version, press Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows) or Cmd + Shift+ R (Mac OS X) on your keyboard.