The NetBaron extension makes it possible for you to integrate your online store with NetBaron's product and order management systems.

NetBaron is a cloud-based financial management and bookkeeping system that facilitates financial management in ecommerce. You can also manage your online store's product catalog in the NetBaron system.

The service includes, amongst other options, a point of sale system for physical stores.


Using the service is subject to fees.Ask NetBaron for a quote for the required service.

Installation and activation

Read also the general extension installation and deployment instructions.

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.

If you use this extension, make sure that all products and product variations have unique product codes.

Duplicate product codes are bound to cause issues during data transfers between systems.

  1. Sign up for the service on NetBaron's website.
  2. Request NetBaron's support to open the interfaces necessary for integration with MyCashflow and provide you with the API credentials.
  3. Enter the credentials in the settings for the NetBaron extension.
  4. Define other extension settings to suit your needs.

    For more details about the extension's different functions, see the next sections.

Importing and updating products

You can also manage your online store's product catalog in the NetBaron system. Products are associated between NetBaron and MyCashflow based on product codes, so make sure that all your products have unique product codes.

Products must be manually imported in the extension settings:

  1. In NetBaron, specify all products to be imported as marketplace products in the Marketplaces tab.
  2. In the NetBaron extension's settings, define the Product API password.
  3. Define the product import settings:
    • Product import > Import new products from NetBaron: the extension updates previously imported products and adds to the online store new products created in NetBaron.
    • Product import > Only update existing products' details: the extension doesn't import new products created in NetBaron to the online store but only updates details of already-existing products, which you can select from the menu provided for this setting.
    • Update product description and product details: when this setting is enabled, the integration imports updates from the product's Description and Additional information fields to the online store's Description and Product information fields.
  4. Also select the marketplace that should be used with the product API, so that the import works properly.
  5. At the bottom of the NetBaron extension's settings, click the Fetch all products link.

    To automate product updates, contact our customer service.

Details to be updated

When a new product is imported from NetBaron to the online store, the following details are imported:

  • Product name
  • Additional information and Description (if the extension's Update product description and product details setting is enabled).
  • Product code (the NetBaron product code, not the EAN number)
  • Tax
  • including VAT
  • Purchase price
  • Weight
  • Package size (type of package in NetBaron)
  • Stock balance

If a product or variation with the same product code already exists in the online store, the following details are updated:

  • including VAT
  • Purchase price
  • Stock balance

If variations have been enabled in your online store, they first need to be added via MyCashflow's admin panel by using the correct product codes. Only then will NetBaron be able to update the variation's stock balance and prices.

Deleting products

You can set the extension so that it automatically deletes or hides any products from MyCashflow where they have been deleted in NetBaron. The setting can be defined in the When removing products menu.

Whenever you delete a product variation in NetBaron, it will be deleted in MyCashflow too. If you delete all variations of a product, the product will be deleted or hidden based on the option selected in the When removing products menu.

Exporting orders to NetBaron

Your online store's orders can automatically be exported to the NetBaron system:

  1. Set Order API password in the settings of the NetBaron extension.
  2. In the item Use version contact details, specify whether orders should be sent to NetBaron using the store's general or the version's contact information.
  3. Recreate your store's payment methods in NetBaron by using precisely the same names under which they appear in MyCashflow's admin panel.

Orders are transferred to NetBaron at the moment at which they arrive in the online store, and the customer sees the order confirmation page at the checkout. Orders are displayed in NetBaron as being pending.

Returns and NetBaron

When processing order returns, the returned products' stock balances must be manually updated in the NetBaron system.

In MyCashflow, product stock balance is automatically updated when a return is processed, and this is why it needs to be updated in NetBaron too – otherwise the two systems' stock balances will not match up.