Software Updates

Here you'll find release notes for updates to the MyCashflow online store service. Release notes are issued whenever a service update is made and new features become available.

  • Postal code limiting: the availability of shipping methods can now be limited based on United States postal codes as well.
  • Checkout: the loading speed of payment methods has been optimized.
  • Interface: fixed a bug, due to which the {JsonLdScript} tag printed prices in an incorrect currency.
  • Improved the usability of various admin panel views in mobile and other low-resolution devices.
  • Fluid default theme: several fixes and improvements, including the display of product review stars on product lists.
  • Paytrail: Walley payments that are in the Pending activation state can now be cancelled.
  • MyCashflow POS: enabled searching for and adding a customer for a POS order based on their customer number.
  • Matkahuolto extension: fixed the validation of Matkahuolto user credentials in the extension settings.
  • Downloadable products: fixed a bug, due to which the alphabetical sorting of downloadable products did not work on the admin panel's Products page.
  • Matkahuolto Bus parcel was removed from the possible options in Matkahuolto, Shipit, and nShift eCom Pro and Lite extensions.If your store has previously created Bus parcel shipping methods, they can still be used and edited. However, from here on, Matkahuolto will process Bus parcel shipments as Near parcels, so we recommend replacing any such shipping methods with ones that use Near parcel.
  • Freight parcel (available via the Matkahuolto extension) has been discontinued, and can no longer be selected as the shipping service of new shipping methods.
  • Fixed bug: The Safari browser sometimes logged the user out mid-session and required a new login. The problem was due to the processing of cookies in the new Safari version.
  • Fixed bug: The Campaigns page crashed with an internal server error (500), if some of the store's customer groups had no Finnish names in a store version of a different language.
  • The maximum credit amount usable with Nordea Finance has been limited to €30 000.
  • The trade invoice is now included on the order page in any Shipit shipments that require it.
  • Added the possibility to use the customer's own customer number in the Matkahuolto pickup point search.
  • It is now possible to send dangerous doods (ADR) using the Matkahuolto Home Delivery and Delivery Parcel services.

The following improvements were made to product reviews:

  • Added pagination to product review lists. By default, 10 reviews/page will be shown. Your customers can also select 25 or 50 as the displayable amount.
  • Added support to product reviews in the Fluid default theme.

Additionally, the following changes were made:

  • In stores, where MyCashflow POS is enabled with only one payment terminal, the single terminal is now selected by default in POS orders.
  • Archiving settings have been changed to only be available to users with bookkeeping privileges.
  • The following tags have been added to the Interface system:
  • showing customer group specific details in the theme ({CustomerGroups}, {CustomerGroupsName} and {CustomerGroupID} -tags)
  • adding a cancellation link to email messages ({ProductReviewUnsubscribeUrl} tag).
  • printing the EAN code with the {Barcode}tag has been fixed.
  • Stock API: Added the possibility of filtering stock items based on their modification dates.
  • Product returns: fixed a bug that prevented returning the remaining products after some of the products had been returned previously.
  • Interface: added the on_success-attribute to the {NewsletterSubscribeForm} tag. The attribute enables you to define a URL, where the visitor is directed after a successful form submission.
  • Product features: enabled using hyphens (-) in product attribute identifiers.
  • Mass-editing products: fixed a bug that prevented the bottom selected product rows from being edited.
  • Interface: added the {Barcode} tag, which is used to print barcode in image format.
  • Archiving orders: added the possibility to mass archive orders from a selected time period.
  • Interface: fixed a bug in theme settings, because of which it was not possible to provide numbers only as settings values.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Creating new MyCashflow internal payment methods had been blocked.
  • Redirects to absolute URLs did not always work.
  • DHL Express pickup requests were not delivered, if the pickup address had an address with a lower-case country code.
  • Matkahuolto: added the additional Handing over personally service to Home Delivery and Delivery Parcel. Using this service, the shipment is only handed over to the shipment recipient; a letter of attorney cannot be used.
  • Paytrail: fixed broken payment links and the sending of tax details to Paytrail in situations, where the order had two payments and more than one tax bases.
  • Orders: added an order event for a sent webhook.
  • Orders API: enabled filtering of orders based on the customer email.
  • Improved the usability of various admin panel views in mobile devices.
  • Order page: fixed a bug that crashed the page, if any of the order products contained no-break space characters.
  • extension: blocked installation of the extension.
  • Improved the usability of various admin panel views in mobile devices.
  • Shipit extension: Enabled adding both shipment dimensions and customs details to UPS shipments.
  • You can now exclude parcel lockers but allow pickup points that include customer service in the Matkahuolto extension. Before the update it was possible to only exclude outside parcel lockers or allow only service points.
  • Additionally, we fixed XSS vulnerabilities discovered in the admin panel.
  • From here on out, the order confirmation page remains available for two weeks starting from the creation of a payment transaction. Before this update the confirmation page was made unavailable after 24 hours, which lead to a completed payment link to direct to a nonexistent page (404 error).
  • Additionally, a bug was fixed that prevented using payment-on-delivery as the payment method with nShift eCom Lite services that supported it.
  • Added the following MyCashflow Interface tags for printing variation stock details: {VariationStockBalance}, {VariationStockAlarmLevel}, {VariationStockDeliveryPeriod}
  • Fixed a discount campaign bug, because of which the campaign price was displayed on admin panel product lists, even though the campaign was inactive.
  • Fixed a currency conversion rounding error, which crashed the cart at Klarna Checkout, if the coupon or gift card used for payment were in a different currency than the store's prices.
  • Order search: fixed the filtering of orders that contain open payments. Before the update the filtering selection omitted orders with a negative total.
  • The revamped Flow panel: fixed adding products to categories by drag-and-drop. Previously, the drag-and-drop did not work, when the product list was so long that the Product categories section was not shown without scrolling the page.
  • Product features: fixed a bug, because of which any product features were deleted upon saving the product form, if the product attribute selector failed to load.
  • The templates of the default email theme have been updated.
  • Fixed a bug, because of which it was not possible to add images to products using CSV import. The feature had been broken by a previous update.
  • Fixed a ReCAPTCHA bug, because of which the form was shown with an incorrect language in Swedish and Estonian language stores.
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability on the admin panel's Account page.
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