Solteq Tekso is a versatile financial management system, one that is especially suitable for merchants who, apart from running an online store, also run several physical stores.

With Solteq Tekso, you can manage the product catalog and orders from your MyCashflow online store. The Solteq systems for physical stores contain the point-of-sale system, as well as operations and chain control features.

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.


Using the service is subject to fees. Request an offer from Solteq.

Installation and activation

If you use this extension, make sure that all products and product variations have unique product codes.

Duplicate product codes are bound to cause issues during data transfers between systems.

Enabling Solteq Tekso is carried out as a paid, custom project in which MyCashflow and Tekso teams integrate your online store with the Tekso system. The project usually takes between 4-6 weeks.

You'll receive detailed integration instructions at the beginning of the project. If you'd like to start using Solteq Tekso, request an offer from MyCashflow's and Solteq Tekso's customer service.

Deleting products

Once your online store has been integrated with the Solteq Tekso point-of-sale system, you'll have to manage your products slightly differently from before. The recommended way in which products should be deleted will depend upon whether sale of the product is to stop either temporarily or permanently.

1) Sale of the product has ended permanently

If a product has run out of stock and won't be available again, you can remove it from the Tekso system. In this way, the product will also be removed from your MyCashflow admin panel and online store thanks to automatic data transfer.

If you remove a product in MyCashflow's admin panel, the product will be recreated during the next automatic data transfer, and its order history will be reset.

2) The product might be back on sale

If a product is temporarily unavailable and will be back in stock, don't delete it. Deletion will reset the product's order and stock history, which might be problematic when the product is back in stock.

If you don't want an out-of-stock product to appear in your online store, hide it.

Connecting store versions with physical stores

You can differentiate between orders transferred to Solteq Tekso on a store-by-store basis by specifying version-specific physical store IDs in the extension's settings: