With this extension, you can enable your customers to have their orders delivered by Budbee delivery services and you can print Budbee shipping labels in the MyCashflow admin panel.

  • Home deliveries in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Jyväskylä and Oulu in Finland and more extensively in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands
  • Deliveries to Budbee parcel points
  • Order tracking with the Budbee app
  • Printing Budbee shipping labels directly in the online store's admin panel

Read more about Budbee on MyCashflow's website (in Finnish)


Using the service is subject to fees. The costs will be calculated based on Budbee's offer.

Supported services

With the extension, the following Budbee delivery services become available in your online store:

  • Budbee Flex: home deliveries on the next weekday between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Budbee Box: deliveries to Budbee parcel points

Installation and setup

Below, we will go through how to open a Budbee account, install the extension, and enable Budbee at the online store's checkout:

  1. Request an offer for your online store from Budbee at https://budbee.com/merchants/

    Budbee will send you their offer and, once you have accepted it, an account with their service will be created for you.

After your Budbee account has been created, you can activate the Budbee extension in your online store:

  1. Enable the extension on the Account > Apps > Budbee page in the MyCashflow admin panel.
  2. In the extension settings, enter the credentials you have received from Budbee.
  3. Save the extension's settings.

Now you can create a shipping method that uses the Budbee extension:

  1. Create a new shipping method on the admin panel's Settings > Shipping methods page.
  2. Select Budbee.
  3. Define the shipping method settings.
  4. Define the shipping method's weight limits and shipping costs.

Now Budbee will be available for customers at the checkout in your online store, provided that the shipping address they have entered is located in an area supported by Budbee.

Order tracking

There will be no tracking link generated for shipments delivered by Budbee, but the customers can track their orders with the Budbee mobile app.

Orders can be viewed on the Budbee app after they have been marked as delivered in MyCashflow.

You can check your orders by logging in to the Budbee system at https://app.budbee.com/login