Extensions enable you to extend the MyCashflow system in a variety of ways. Some extensions add new features to the online store, whereas some modify those that already exist.

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.

Certain extensions may require registration with external services. Using others may be subject to additional charges.

To see all available extensions, in your online store's admin panel, go to the Account > Apps page.

Enabling extensions

Extensions are enabled in the admin panel, on the Account > Apps page. Here you’ll be able to see all of the extensions that are available in your MyCashflow plan.

  1. To open the desired extension's page, click the extension's icon in the extension view.
    To display the desired type of extensions, use the filter in the top bar menu:
  2. On the extension's page, in the upper right corner, click Order now.

    The extension is enabled, and the potential extension settings open for editing.

    Often, for an extension to work, you must first define its settings or provide credentials to an external service. So make sure that you read the extension-specific installation instructions carefully.

Editing the store theme for the sake of extensions

For some extensions to work, you must include in your store theme the {Extensions} tag.

This is because some extensions print their own HTML markup on the online store page. The {Extensions} tag automatically prints the extension's HTML markup.

You may want to add the tag both to the page's <head> and <body> elements.

In the MyCashflow default theme, the tag has been used in both elements.

The head element

Add the tag markup {Extensions(for: 'head'} at any location in the <head> element.

The body element

Add the tag markup {Extensions(for: 'body'} to the beginning of the <body> element.

Certain extensions also print their own contents on the page. The default theme provides for contents that are printed by most extensions, but in custom themes the contents may require some adjustment to the design.