With this extension, you can enable Custobar tracking tools in your online store, which allow you to transmit order and customer information from the MyCashflow online store to Custobar and to make use of their marketing automations.


Using the extension is free of charge, but it needs to be linked to a Custobar account, which is subject to fees. Custobar's invoicing for the service is based on the number of customers.

Installation and setup

Setting up the extension involves creating a new API key for the online store in Custobar, adding the key to the extension's settings and installing the Custobar tracking script in the online store. See below for detailed steps.

The Custobar extension is not yet generally available for all online stores. If you cannot see it on the Account > Apps > Custobar page in the admin panel of your online store, contact MyCashflow's customer service, for example, by using the chat feature in the admin panel and request the Custobar extension to be enabled in your online store.

2/4 Acquiring an API key

After you have signed up for a Custobar account, you can initiate enabling the service by creating an API key:

  1. Sign in to the Custobar management at https://app.custobar.com
  2. In the Custobar admin panel, go to the Manage users > API page.
  3. On the page, create a new API key by pressing the New API token button.

    Give a name to the key and press the Create button.

  4. Copy the key.

    Custobar will not show you the API key after this, so you should copy and save it straight away.

    The key looks like this: API3N5P5ZHI4MEFVZCJXXMOWVD6J4TD4RHZKFLRZ

3/4 Installing the extension

After you have created and copied the API key, you can install the Custobar extension in your online store.

  1. In the admin panel of your online store, go to Account > Apps > Custobar.
  2. On the page, enter the name of the Custobar environment and the API key you have copied.

    You can see the name of the Custobar environment on your browser's address bar, for example.

  3. Save the data.

    The extension settings are opened for editing.

  4. Select the store version for Custobar to track.
  5. Save the extension's settings.

4/4 Installing the tracking script

After having installed the Custobar extension in your online store, you can define the Custobar tracking settings and copy the tracking script to the extension settings.

  1. In the Custobar management, go to Settings > Custobar.js tracking script.
  2. Define the domain to be tracked.

    Add your online store's URL address (e.g., https://www.example.com) to the Allowed sources for traffic that is captured by Custobar.js field.

  3. Copy the tracking script at the bottom of the page in its entirety.
  4. Back in MyCashflow's admin panel, go to Account > Apps > Custobar.
  5. Paste the tracking script into the field in the settings.
  6. Save the extension's settings.

Now Custobar tracking is applied in the selected store version.

To test whether it works properly, you can use the Validate function on the Settings > Custobar.js tracking script page.

Using Custobar in multiple store versions

The Custobar extension can only be installed in one store version at a time, but it is possible to use Custobar tracking in multiple versions by installing the tracking script in the <head> element of the theme. In this case, you should also inform the MyCashflow customer service about which versions you want the Custobar tracking applied to.

If you are not accustomed to editing theme code, you can ask the MyCashflow customer service to make the changes for you.

In order to use Custobar tracking in multiple store versions, the value of the cstbrConfig.productId variable needs to be set with an Interface tag that prints the product ID (see the example below, the required change has been highlighted in bold).

Do not copy the code example to your own theme.

The code includes a key for a specific account, so the code as shown below will not work in your online store.

You can find your own tracking script on the Settings > Custobar.js tracking script page in the Custobar admin panel.

        (function(c,u,s,t,o,b,a,r) {var e;c[o]=[];c[b]=a;e=u.createElement(s);

        cstbrConfig.productId = {ProductID(after: '{VariationID(before: '-')}_{VersionID}')};
        cstbrConfig.customerId = YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID;

After installing the tracking script in the theme, notify MyCashflow's customer service, and they will activate Custobar product feeds for all the necessary store versions.