TradeTracker is a results-based affiliate marketing service that operates in Finland and many other European countries.

The extension is to be disabled

The TradeTracker extension has been deprecated. In the future, it will be possible to enable the service using Google Tag Manager.

With MyCashflow's TradeTracker extension, you can enable the purchase tracking that TradeTracker needs in your online store.

The TradeTracker integration also makes it possible to track order events and customer registration.

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Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.


Using the service is subject to fees. You pay a commission based on the results. You can decide the size of the commission yourself.

Installation and setup

  1. Sign up as a TradeTracker advertiser. When concluding the agreement, details for your online store's campaigns and commissions will be agreed upon.

    TradeTracker will provide you with ProductID identifiers to use in your online store's campaigns for tracking registrations and orders.

  2. In the TradeTracker extension settings, enter the ProductID identifiers that you've gotten from TradeTracker for the campaigns you've created.

    If there are multiple identifiers, separate them with commas: 1111,2222,3333.

    TradeTracker tracks both purchase events and customer registration conversions. Enter the identifiers for both types.

  3. Add the markup {Extensions(for: 'body')} to your store theme for printing the TradeTracker code necessary for tracking conversions.

    Even if printing the Order confirmation page fails, the TradeTracker extension will still register the conversion later, as soon as the customer has loaded another page in your online store.

    The MyCashflow default theme comes with the {Extensions} tag already implemented.

  4. MyCashflow generates a product feed based on your online store's products, which can be found at

    Save the address in the TradeTracker tool, on the page Publisher Management» Advertising Materials » Product Feeds.

    Publishers can create their own product lists based on your product feed.