The MyCashflow reporting tools enable you to collect diverse data about your online store's products, orders and sales.

To access the reporting tools, go to the admin panel's Reports tab.

Downloading reports

  1. From the list on the Reports page, select the desired report.

    The contents of the report can be customized freely. Learn more about customizing reports.

    The reports for extensions that use external services can be found on the services' websites.

    After selecting the report, you'll see its customization options.

  2. Once you've selected the desired customizations, click Create report.
    The report's contents become visible on the screen.
  3. Select the format in which you'd like to download the data.
    The report can be downloaded as a file or copied manually:
    • The Select report to be copied to clipboard button selects the report's complete content, making it easy to copy and paste it e.g. into spreadsheet or word processing software.
    • The Download XLS button downloads the report in Excel format.
    • The Download PDF button downloads the report in PDF format.

Report types

Here you can learn about the contents of reports and their customization options.

Customer Register

The report prints the customers registered in your online store and their customer information. You can also print a separate report for each customer group.

Product reports

Stock Balances and Prices, Stock Alarms: apply your online store's saved product searches to these reports.

Stock purchase price: The report contains the value and prices of your stock on the date of your selection. The Stock purchase price report can be helpful in compiling your company's financial statement.

Sold Products: You can generate a report on sold products during a time period of your choice. You can narrow down the report based on order statuses, saved order searches, customer groups and target countries.

The Sold Products report only covers sold products, meaning that it does not include shipping and payment method costs or discounts on the order. For accounting purposes we recommend the bookkeeping report.

Order reports

Orders and Delivered orders: You can generate a report on orders or shipped orders over a specified time period. You can narrow down the report by using saved order searches, other order reports and your online store's customer groups.

Shipping costs: the shipping costs of all orders placed in your online store, data regarding the orders as well as the VAT amount included in shipping costs.

Payments: payment transactions registered in your online store – income and expenses.

Discount coupons: all active discount coupons in your online store. You can narrow down the report by using saved order searches and customer groups.