Google Ads is Google's advertising service, which enables you to advertise your online store on Google's search result pages.

There are two alternative methods of enabling Ads in your MyCashflow online store:

The use of both methods has been illustrated below.

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.

For more information about Google Ads, see our website.


Using the Google Ads extension is free of charge.

The Google Ads service itself is subject to charges (see Google's pricing).

Enablement: Linking Ads with your online store's Analytics account (recommended)

Linking Analytics with Ads makes tracking Ads advertising much easier in comparison to using the MyCashflow Ads extension:

  • Analytics collects data about the clicks on the adverts as well as other types of interaction between the target group and the adverts.
  • You'll also be able to see how the adverts contribute to reaching the goals that have been set up in Analytics.
  • Analytics also collects the advert price details and calculates the revenue percentage based on clicks on those adverts.

See Google's instructions on linking Analytics and Ads.

Ads reports

Once Analytics and Ads have been linked, you'll be able to view the data for your Ads campaigns in Analytics, on the page Acquisition > Google Ads.

See also Google's documentation about Ads reports in Analytics.

Enabling Google Ads via the MyCashflow extension

We recommend that you enable Ads by linking it with your online store's Analytics account.

For instructions, see the previous section.

MyCashflow's Google Ads extension transfers the order event and the order’s total data to Google Ads. Google then uses the data for reporting purposes.

See also the following sources:

To enable the extension:

See the detailed instructions below for defining conversion events and enabling the extension.

  1. On the Ads page Tools > Measurement > Conversions (see also Google's instructions on conversion tracking), create a new conversion event.
  2. As the conversion source, select Website.
  3. Define the desired event settings.

    In the Category menu, you may want to select Purchase (usually the most suitable option when it comes to online store advertising).

  4. Continue. In the Tag setup section, select the option entitled Install the tag yourself.
  5. Copy the conversion event's code from the Ads' tracking code.
  6. Define other settings for the conversion event and, back in your online store's admin panel, go to Account > Apps > Google Ads.
  7. Paste the code you've just copied into the settings for the Ads extension into the field Google Ads code.
  8. Save the extension settings.

Ads is now tracking the conversion event that you've defined for your online store. In Ads, you'll be able to see conversion data in the conversion event details.

For more information about Ads reports, see Google's instructions.