Here you can learn how to manage the contents of your MyCashflow online store.

Apart from products, you can add pages, news and banners in your online store, which you can use to tell your customers more about your store and relevant, current events.

Content pages

In your online store, you can create content pages for providing your customers with background information about your company and products.

To manage content pages, go to Contents > Pages.

In multilingual online stores, shipping conditions are created as content pages.

In the MyCashflow default theme, content pages form a menu in the footer.


In your online store, you can publish news to tell your customers about important, current events, such as the release of new products.

To manage news, go to Contents > News.

In the default theme, latest news are listed in the footer.


In your online store, you can also create banners that contain images and text.

To manage banners, go to Contents > Banners.

The location of banners in your online store depends on the banner areas created in your theme.

The default theme contains multiple, ready-to-use banner areas. For instance, on your store's front page, you can create a banner carousel, in which the banners will change automatically.

Find out more about banner areas in the default theme ›


The dictionary is used for saving text snippets that can be used on various occasions in your online store.

Also, the store's ready-to-use texts – such as order emails' contents and return policy – can be edited in the dictionary.

In multilingual stores, all store theme texts must be added to the theme via the dictionary.

The dictionary can be found via the admin panel's Contents > Dictionary page.