The DB Schenker extension allows you to offer the DB Schenker collection point and delivery services to your customers.

For more information about the service, see our website.

The DB Schenker collection point service enables customers to select a collection point to which their order should be shipped. With the DB SCHENKERparcel service, customers can specify the address to which the parcel will be delivered.

The extension allows you to print shipping labels with barcodes directly from the admin panel's order page.


Making an agreement with DB Schenker is subject to charges. Upon the introduction of the service, you'll receive an individual quotation stating the costs of the service in your online store.

The prices start from 4.20 €/parcel. Enabling the extension is free of charge.

Ask for a quote or more information.

Installation and setup

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.

  1. First, make an agreement with DB Schenker and order credentials to the online services by using the form on our website.

    DB Schenker will send you the credentials you need for using the extension.

  2. Subscribe to the DB Schenker extension on the Account > Apps > DB Schenker page in MyCashflow's admin panel.
  3. Enter the credentials you received from DB Schenker on the form.
  4. Create a new shipping method for DB Schenker on the Settings > Shipping methods page in the admin panel.

    At the Shipping labels stage, select DB Schenker and the preferred shipping service.

  5. Define settings for the shipping method and add weight limits and shipping costs.

DB Schenker can now be used at the online store's checkout. Optionally, you can create multiple shipping methods using DB Schenker e.g. for different versions or customer groups.

Shipping method-specific credentials

You can use multiple DB Schenker credentials in your online store by entering them in the Shipping method-specific credentials section in the settings of shipping methods that use DB Schenker.

After you have entered the DB Schenker credentials for a shipping method, all the shipments using it will have their shipping labels created with that particular account. Other DB Schenker shipping methods will use the credentials entered in the settings of the extension.