OGOship is a service warehouse solution for online stores of all sizes, with which you can outsource the management of your online store's warehouse.

In OGOship, you pay only for the work that has actually been carried out and for events that have been fulfilled, which means that the service is suitable for managing the stock for stores that have small product catalogs.


Using the service is subject to fees. See OGOship's pricing.

The OGOship shipping calculator makes it possible for you to calculate shipping costs for individual shipments https://my.ogoship.com/deliverytype/calculator.

Working principle

OGOship is an outsourced warehouse service. When using OGOship, you can choose to keep all your store's products or just some of them (e.g. a selected supplier's) products in an OGOship warehouse.

When a customer orders products stored in an OGOship warehouse, OGOship will ship them to the customer on your behalf. Order and customer details that are required for shipping can be transferred from MyCashflow to OGOship either automatically or manually, one order at a time.

After enabling OGOship in your online store, pay special attention to defining product details and shipping methods. Additionally, order processing may differ from the regular procedure. The necessary instructions have been included in this article.

Installation and activation

Read also the general extension installation and deployment instructions.

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.

If you use this extension, make sure that all products and product variations have unique product codes.

Duplicate product codes are bound to cause issues during data transfers between systems.

After registering as an OGOship user, you'll be sent the service's own instructions with the most important information about using OGOship. This is where you’ll be able to learn how to enable the OGOship extension in MyCashflow's admin panel:

  1. Sign up for OGOship. Upon signing up, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to enable the service.
  2. Log in to OGOship's admin panel at https://my.ogoship.com/.
  3. Select the store (referred to as "merchant" in OGOship) from the left-hand merchants menu.

    If there are no merchants yet, create a new one.

  4. In the left-hand menu, go to [MERCHANTNAME] > edit merchant.
  5. Open merchant details, and copy API credentials from API information.
  6. Back in your online store's admin panel, enter the API credentials in the OGOship extension's settings in the fields for Merchant ID and Secret token.
  7. Select the supplier whose products should be sent from OGOship.

    You can select an individual supplier or all of your online store's products.

  8. You can also automate shipments managed via OGOship by checking the checkbox Send orders to OGOship automatically. In this way, all orders will be transferred to OGOship automatically.

    You can also choose to send the customer a shipping confirmation automatically after the order has been shipped by OGOship. This option is recommended if the order cannot contain products other than those that are shipped by OGOship.

    If you don't opt for automatic order transfer, you'll have to manually transfer all orders to OGOship (see Order processing).

  9. Finally, save the settings.

Defining product details

With OGOship enabled, data is bidirectionally synchronized between the online store and OGOship:

  • Details about new products and product updates are transferred from your online store to OGOship.
    • Whenever you need to add products to your online store or edit product details, make sure you do it in MyCashflow's admin panel. The products created and updated in OGOship are at no point updated in your online store.
  • Details about product stock balances are transferred from OGOship to MyCashflow.
    • Whenever you need to edit a product's stock balance, do it in OGOship. If you edit product stock balances in your online store, all changes you make will be overwritten every time the product stock balances change in OGOship.
    • When a product stored by OGOship is ordered from your online store, its stock balance will automatically be updated as soon as the order details are transferred from your store to OGOship (provided that you've checked the option Send orders to OGOship automatically in the extension settings).

Data synchronization between your online store and OGOship

In the OGOship extension's settings, you can manually synchronize product details. To manually synchronize data, in the extension settings click the Upload products to OGOship link. It’s a good idea to do it whenever you’ve added or edited a significant number of products in your online store, and you’d like the changes to be reflected in OGOship immediately.

If you've edited product stock balances in OGOship and would like the changes to be updated in your online store, click the link Sync stock balances from OGOship.

Synchronization can be scheduled.

In this way, product stock balances in OGOship will be updated in your online store at regular intervals. In the same way, product details that you edit in your online store will be updated in OGOship.

As an additional option, you can also ask our customer service to handle the scheduling for you.

Defining shipping methods

Defining shipping methods in OGOship slightly differs from the way it is done in your online store. Shipping methods must separately be defined in OGOship and in MyCashflow. Shipping method product codes must match too:

  1. Create the desired shipping methods in your online store, and define for them unique product codes in the setting form's Product Code field.
  2. In OGOship's admin panel, go to merchants > edit merchant details.
  3. Select the desired shipping methods for products that should be delivered by OGOship.
  4. For each selected shipping method, in the field Codes in online store, enter the product codes you've entered for the corresponding shipping methods in your online store.

    The shipping method must be enabled so that its product code can be added to OGOship.

    If you don't provide any product codes for shipping methods, they will be associated based on their names. This may lead to errors occurring as shipping method names will have to be completely identical.

  5. Make sure that you save the changes you make in OGOship.

Using SmartShip and Matkahuolto

When using OGOship in your online store, you won't need your own credentials for the SmartShip service or Matkahuolto. The corresponding extensions still have to be activated in your online store, but there's no need to fill in the settings forms.

OGOship takes care of shipping the order, which means that you don't have to use the services' own systems or print shipping labels for the orders.

But if you plan to ship products that aren't stored in an OGOship warehouse using Posti or Matkahuolto, you'll still have to fill in the extensions' settings.

Processing orders with OGOship

Processing orders that contain products stored in an OGOship warehouse differs from the regular order processing routine in MyCashflow – especially if not all of your online store's products are stored by OGOship.

If you've opted for automatic order transfer in the extension settings, you'll be able to process orders in the familiar way. During processing, orders are transferred to OGOship automatically, provided that the transfer is successful.

If you haven't opted for automatic transfers, orders must be manually transferred to OGOship:

  1. In the admin panel, go to the Orders page, and open the desired order.

    The order's transfer status will be displayed in the order view's Integrated services » OGOship section.

    If the order hasn't yet been transferred to OGOship, its status will be Add order to OGOship for delivery.
  2. To transfer the order to OGOship for delivery, click the status link after processing the order.

Order statuses

The order's status in OGOship depends upon its current processing stage. In MyCashflow, the status is displayed on the order page, in the right-hand OGOship section.

During processing, the order can have any of the following statuses:

  • Waiting for collection and delivery

    The order has been received by OGOship and is waiting for collection. At this stage, the order shipment can still be canceled in OGOship.

  • Waiting for products

    The products ordered are out of stock, which means that the order is waiting for product supplies. Once the products are back in stock, the order will automatically move to the next stage, which is collection and shipment.

  • Delivered

    The order has been shipped. If you see the link Update changes to online store, the order is still being processed in MyCashflow. The shipped order's status updates automatically, but you can also manually update it yourself.

  • Add order to OGOship for delivery

    The order hasn't yet been transferred to OGOship. Clicking the status link automatically moves the order for delivery.

  • Delivery is cancelled

    In OGOship, the order's status has been switched to CANCELLED.

  • Customer has returned products

    Some of the order products have been returned to the warehouse. In such a case, you may have to process the product returns in MyCashflow's admin panel.