You can integrate your online store with the Posti SmartShip system and print Posti's shipping labels directly via the admin panel by enabling the Posti SmartShip extension.

By using the Posti SmartShip service, you can enable the following functionalities in your online store:

  • Parcel points and alternative collection points (free of charge in MyCashflow)

  • Shipments abroad

  • Printing shipping labels directly via the admin panel

  • Shipment tracking

Find out more about the Posti SmartShip service ›

You can enable Posti's service via extensions such as Unifaun (eCom PRO / eCom LITE) or Shipit.

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.


Using the extension is free of charge.

The integration provider of the Posti SmartShip system is Unifaun which charges 20 €/mo. for using the integration (the agreement is made with the Posti SmartShip service when enabling the integration). Additionally, Posti charges for shipments according to your agreement.

Supported services

The following Posti services are supported by MyCashflow's SmartShip extension:

  • Postal Parcel

    Collection and parcel point delivery. Read more ›

  • Home Parcel

    Home delivery at the time arranged with the recipient. Read more ›

  • Small Parcel

    Parcels up to 2 kg, post box or mail slot delivery. Read more ›

  • Registered Letter

    The letter is delivered to a post office and is handed over to the authorized person, who signs for the document. The service includes order tracking. Read more ›

  • Priority Letter with cash on delivery

    In principle, delivered on the next working day. Read more ›

    Note To use this service, you must enable the cash on delivery payment method.

  • Express Letter
  • Freight

    Pallet deliveries with dispatch notes to business and individual customers. Read more ›

    The service also supports the Consumer Delivery additional service, which is automatically activated for shipments that use the service if the recipient is a private person.

  • Express Parcel

    Delivered to the recipient on the next day at 2 p.m at the latest. Read more ›

    The service has also other versions, in which the parcel can be delivered either on the next day at the latest at 9 a.m. or on the same day until midnight.

  • Express Business Day Parcel (No support for the pallet version)

    Scheduled parcel delivery aimed at business customers. Europe-wide service. You can use it to deliver from any place in Finland and to any place in Finland. The shipment's progress can be tracked from door to door. Read more ›

  • Express Freight

    With this service, you can reach about 90% of Finnish companies on the next working day. On average, 97% of freight shipments are distributed 5 days/week overnight. Read more ›

    Available also in a version in which the shipment is delivered until 9 p.m. on the same day.

  • Parcel Connect

    Parcels to Europe, delivered to the recipient or to collection points. Read more ›

  • EMS express service

    EMS (Express Mail Service) is the fastest possible delivery of parcels and documents around the world. Read more ›

  • Post Parcel Baltic package service

    Tracked deliveries to the Baltic States in 1-2 working days. Includes the customer return. Read more ›

Installation and setup

To enable Posti SmartShip:

  • Become Posti's contract customer. The form to register can be found here.
    • If you already are Posti's contract customer, you can use your current agreement to use SmartShip.
  • Additionally, you'll need Posti's credentials, which you can order here. You need to be a contract customer to order the credentials.
  • To use Posti's services for shipping orders, you'll also need the ID of the agreement with Posti for using logistics services. You can order the ID here.
    • Depending on the shipped product's size, the ID will be either of a logistics or a cargo service. Each time you'll receive the relevant ID from Posti based on your order.
  • Order and activate the integration in the Posti SmartShip service.
  • Define the sender's details and the quick search value.
  • Create an API key for the online store.
  • Activate the Posti SmartShip extension via your online store's admin panel.
  • Create a shipping method for using Posti SmartShip services.

Below you'll find detailed instructions on how to enable Posti SmartShip in an online store.

1/4 Defining sender details

Currently, you can use only one SmartShip sender in your MyCashflow store at a time.

  1. Sign in to Posti SmartShip at
  2. Go to the page Maintenance > Senders.
  3. Click New Sender and fill in the sender details:
    • In the Quick ID field, enter 1.

      Without the quick ID, creating shipping labels won't work.

    • Enter your company's VAT identification number.

      A VAT number is required for non-EU shipments.

    • Fill out the form with your details.
  4. Add a new logistics company in the Carriers section.
    • From the Carrier menu, select the option you’re using.
    • Select the customer number that you'd like to use for printing shipping labels in your online store. The customer number can be found in the Customer number menu.
  5. Finally, press Save.

2/4 Activating the integration

Next, activate the integration in the Posti SmartShip online service:

  1. In the Posti SmartShip admin panel, in the upper right corner, press Webshop.
  2. Select Addons to system.
  3. From the list that opens, select Unifaun ERPConnect (APIConnect, REST API, JSON), and go to the application page to order the service.
  4. Fill in the form.

    In the Unifaun integration section, fill in the following details:

    • ERP-system: select MyCashflow
    • E-commerce system: select Other e-commerce system, and type MyCashflow in the field below.
    • WMS system: select Other WMS system, and type MyCashflow in the field below.
  5. Accept the order terms and submit the form.

After the integration has been activated and the correct quick search ID value has been set, you can create an API key for your online store.

3/4 Creating the API key

  1. In the Posti SmartShip admin panel, go to Maintenance > API Keys.

    You will be able to see the API Keys item in the menu only after you've ordered Unifaun ERPConnect (APIConnect, REST API, JSON), and your order has been approved.

  2. To create a new API key, press the New API Key button.
  3. Fill in the API key's details in the form:

    Select Web Services (REST) as the type.

    Enter your email address for potential inquires.

    In the Developer-Id field, enter 0050005613.

    Save the API key.

  4. Go to the key's details and note down its Id and Secret Id.

    You can view the credentials by opening the API key you've just created for editing.

    You'll need them when filling in the details of the Posti SmartShip extension in your online store's admin panel.

4/4 Activating the extension and creating a new shipping method

  1. Sign in to your online store's admin panel and order the Posti SmartShip extension on the page Account > Apps.
  2. In the extension's settings, fill in the Id and Secret Id from the details of the API key you copied in the Posti SmartShip admin panel.
  3. Save the extension's settings.

Now you can create a new shipping method to use SmartShip in your store and enable the service to your customers:

  1. Create a new shipping method on the page Settings > Shipping methods.
  2. In the Shipping labels section, select Posti SmartShip and the desired Posti delivery service.
  3. Fill in other details and define the shipping costs and weight limits.
  4. Save the shipping method.

From now on, your customers will be able to use Posti SmartShip at checkout. Visit the store's public area and make sure that the new shipping method works properly by placing a test order.

To offer multiple Posti SmartShip delivery services to your customers, create multiple shipping methods that will use Posti SmartShip.

Printing return labels

The SmartShip extension can also create a return label for an order automatically. When necessary, you can deliver the order together with the return label.

To enable printing return label for shipping methods that use SmartShip, in the method's settings, select the Print return label field.

After the field has been selected, the return label will always be printed together with the shipping label by clicking the Print address label link in order details.

Currently, return labels can be printed for the following delivery services:
  • Posti Express Parcel
  • Postal Parcel
  • Posti Parcel Baltic
  • Posti Home Parcel
  • Posti Small Parcel
  • Posti Parcel Connect
  • Posti Express Freight

Services that support providing customs information

You can provide customs details for shipments during order processing by using the following shipping services included in the extension:

  • Length, width and height
    • Freight
    • Express Freight
  • Default shipment description
    • Postal Parcel
    • Home Parcel
    • Small Parcel
    • Registered Letter
    • Priority Letter with cash on delivery
    • Express Letter
    • Freight
    • Express Parcel
    • Express Business Day Parcel
    • Express Freight
    • EMS express service
    • Priority Parcel
    • Posti Parcel Baltic

See detailed instructions on how to provide customs details for shipments.

Printing shipping labels

Once the service has been enabled, in order to print the shipping label, in the Shipping details section of the order page go to the relevant shipment, and click the Print address label link.

Advanced settings

In the Advanced settings section of the Posti SmartShip shipping methods, you can set printing favorites and PDF settings defined in the Posti SmartShip service.

PDF settings

You can use PDF settings to define the desired shipping label size for selected shipping methods. In this way, you can create e.g. shipping methods for which shipping labels will always be printed in the right size on the sticker printer.

PDF settings are defined by copying the settings from the Posti SmartShip service's admin panel to the shipping method's settings in the MyCashflow admin panel:

  1. In the Posti SmartShip service's admin panel, go to Settings > PDF settings > Change > Click to specify value.
  2. Define the values for the first PDF setting in order.
  3. Click Finish.
  4. Click REST API.
  5. Copy the code snippet visible on the page.
  6. In the MyCashflow admin panel, go to the shipping method's settings and paste the code you've copied to the item Advanced settings > PDF settings.
  7. Save the shipping method.

Next time you print a shipping label on the order page for an order that uses this shipping method, the shipping label will be printed according to the settings you've just defined.

Printing favorites

You can define printing favorites for the shipping methods that use the Posti SmartShip service in order to enable additional services provided by the logistics services used in those methods.

By using printing favorites, you can add, for instance, the following settings to the shipment:

  • Arranging the delivery time by phone with the recipient
  • Shipment size
  • Processing the shipment as fragile or dangerous
  • Saturday delivery
  • Delivery on the same day

MyCashflow supports all available additional services.

Depending on the settings you define, using printing favorites may be subject to additional costs. You'll find more information about potential costs in the service descriptions of the used settings.

A printing favorite is defined in the Posti SmartShip service. Then, its name has to be copied and added to the shipping method's settings in MyCashflow's admin panel:

  1. In the Posti SmartShip service, go to Maintenance > Printing favorites.
  2. Click New Printing Favorite.
  3. Enter the printing favorite's name and define its settings.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Copy the printing favorite's name.

    Make sure not to copy any unnecessary space characters with the name.

  6. In the MyCashflow admin panel, go to the shipping method's settings and paste the printing favorite's name to the item Advanced settings > Printing favorite name.
  7. Save the shipping method.

Next time you send to the customer a shipment that uses the shipping method, the shipment will be processed according to the settings you've defined.

If additional costs result from the shipment, they will be collected jointly with your next monthly fee for the Posti SmartShip service.

Using cash-on-delivery

To use cash-on-delivery, you must have in your online store

  • a payment method with the Cash-on-delivery service enabled and
  • a shipping method in which the customer picks up the order at a logistics company's collection point, instead of a parcel point

    Learn more about shipping services that support cash-on-delivery.

To enable cash-on-delivery as a payment method in your online store:

  1. When necessary, create a new shipping method, and select an appropriate shipping service for it.
  2. Create a new payment method on the admin panel's Settings > Payment methods page.
  3. As the payment service, select Cash-on-delivery.
  4. In the payment method's settings, select an appropriate shipping method.
  5. Define the rest of the payment method's settings, and save the payment method.

If the customer selects cash-on-delivery when placing the order, the order total will constitute the sum total to be paid upon delivery, which means that the total will include potential shipping and payment fees.

When processing cash-on-delivery orders, mark the order as delivered when you ship the order to the customer, but leave the payment as open. Mark the payment as paid only once it has been credited to your bank account.

Shipping services that support cash-on-delivery

The extension includes the following shipping services that support cash-on-delivery:

  • Posti Express Business Day Parcel
  • Posti Express Parcel
  • Posti Express Morning delivery 09
  • Posti Express On the same day 00
  • Posti Express Freight
  • Posti Express Freight On the same day 21
  • Posti Home Parcel
  • Posti Small Parcel
  • Posti Postal Parcel
  • Posti Priority Letter Cash on Delivery (required)
  • Posti freight
  • Posti SmartPOST Estonia
You can also use cash-on-delivery with shipping methods where shipping labels are created by using MyCashflow's built-in Only shipping labels service.

The default shipment description

This extension includes shipping services that use the default shipment content description on their shipping labels for the purpose of a potential customs clearance.

The default description can be specified on the admin panel's Settings > Order settings page.

The following shipping services include support for the default shipment content description:

  • Postal Parcel
  • Home Parcel
  • Small Parcel
  • Registered Letter
  • Priority Letter with cash on delivery
  • Express Letter
  • Freight
  • Express Parcel
  • Express Business Day Parcel
  • Express Freight
  • EMS express service
  • Priority Parcel
  • Posti Parcel Baltic

Some shipping services also allow you to edit the shipment description in the Shipping details section of the order page. However, you may want to specify a default description that defines your entire product catalog as clearly as possible.