Orders are managed in your online store's admin panel, on the page Orders.

The main view contains an order list that, by default, displays all unprocessed orders starting from the newest one.

Above the order table, you can find search tools for filtering orders according to different criteria (e.g. processing status or arrival date).

To view an order, click the order's heading (order number and orderer name).

If you have order document bulk printout enabled, you can also create processing lists out of orders whose order documents you'd like to print in one go.

Order page

The order page contains order details.

In the upper left corner, you can see the tools and details that are connected to order processing:

In the right-hand pane, you can find a list of relevant payments, details for the account being used to place the order, and tools which are made available by enabled integrations.

The left-hand pane contains details of the order's shipments. At the top of the page, you can send out email notifications and add order comments.

Below shipment details you can see order shipments. In the shipment table, you can edit the order product quantity, or add or delete products to and from the order.

Learn more about editing shipments.

Below the shipment table, in the Order events section, you can see a log of all events related to the order. You’ll be able to see, for instance, information about products added to the order, payments, and comments.

See also how to process orders.