You can use the Pakettikauppa extension to enable Pakettikauppa's shipping services in your online store and print its shipping labels directly in your store's admin panel.

Creating shipping labels with the Pakettikauppa extension requires that you have credit on your Pakettikauppa account's Prepaid payment account.


Using the service is subject to fees. For pricing and more information about the service, see our website ›

Installation and activation

Extensions are not available in MyCashflow Free plan.

Read also the general extension installation and deployment instructions.

Using Pakettikauppa is subject to charges. For more information about the service's costs, see Pakettikauppa's website.

To start using the service, you'll need an agreement with Pakettikauppa. You can order the Pakettikauppa service from your online store's admin panel or use your old credentials.

Ordering Pakettikauppa from your online store's admin panel

  1. Go to Account > Apps > Pakettikauppa.
  2. Click Enable.
  3. Fill in the order form.
  4. Accept terms and conditions, and send the order form.

Pakettikauppa will process your order and send you a notification once you will be able to start using the service. After that you'll be able to create a new shipping method (or several) in your online store that will use Pakettikauppa.

Entering your own credentials in extension settings

First, you'll need the Pakettikauppa API credentials:

  1. Log in to Pakettikauppa's admin panel at
  2. In the top menu, go to Profile>API keys.
  3. Copy the API credentials.

Now you can enable the Pakettikauppa extension:

  1. In the MyCashflow admin panel, on the page Account > Apps > Pakettikauppa, enter the copied credentials to the settings for the Pakettikauppa extension.
  2. In the extension settings, fill in the bank account number to which payments on receipt should be transferred.
  3. Finally, save the extension settings.

After you've defined the extension settings, create a new shipping method to use with Pakettikauppa.

Creating a shipping method that uses Pakettikauppa

  1. Create a new shipping method on the page Settings > Shipping methods. See the instructions ›
  2. In the shipping method settings, in the Shipping labels section, select Pakettikauppa and the desired shipping service.
  3. Define other shipping method settings to suit your needs and save the shipping method.

Now you can use Pakettikauppa in your online store. In the extension settings, you can also define a separate sender address for Pakettikauppa.

To use different delivery services available via Pakettikauppa, create multiple shipping methods and select the desired services for them.

Supported delivery services

With Pakettikauppa, you can enable the following delivery services in your MyCashflow online store:

  • Posti: Postal Parcel, Small Parcel, Home Parcel, Express Parcel
  • Matkahuolto: Near Parcel, Bus Parcel, Delivery Parcel, XXS Parcel
  • DB Schenker: Collection Point Service
  • Asendia: Shipment and Small shipment

Services that support providing customs information

You can provide customs details for shipments during order processing by using the following shipping services included in the extension:

Printing return labels

The service can also create order return labels automatically. When necessary, you can deliver orders to customers together with ready-made return labels.

Printing return labels is supported for the following delivery services:

  • Matkahuolto XXS Parcel
  • Posti Home Parcel
  • Posti Small Parcel
  • Posti Postal Parcel

To enable printing return labels, select Print return label in the shipping method's settings.

After the field has been selected, the return label will always be printed together with the shipping label by clicking the Print address label link in order details.

Shipment tracking

In Pakettikauppa's admin panel, in the tab Shipments, you can see all shipments created based on your online store's orders.

If a shipment uses a service that makes it possible to track the shipment in a system (such as Posti or Matkahuolto), the shipment's tracking code will be displayed on the list.

Here you can also create new shipments if you need to ship products that haven't been ordered via your online store.