In your online store, you'll need supplier information for performing stock management tasks. Supplier information is not displayed to customers at all.

Adding suppliers

  1. In the admin panel, on the Products page, click Add supplier.

    The supplier form opens.

  2. Provide all the supplier information that you'll need to perform inventory management tasks in your online store. To add a supplier, click Save.

Attaching products to suppliers

  1. Grab the icon on the left side of the selected product row.
  2. Drag the product row to the desired supplier's name on the supplier list in the left-hand menu.

    You can also attach entire product categories and brands to suppliers by dragging them to the selected suppliers' names.

Detaching products from suppliers and changing the supplier

You can easily detach products from suppliers if a supplier stops offering a product, for instance.

  1. Select the product for editing from the list on the Products page by clicking the Edit product link in the menu. The menu becomes visible when you hold the pointer over the product row.

    The product form opens.

  2. In the product form's section Purchasing price, product numbers & suppliers information, in the Suppliers menu, select Supplier.

    The product will be detached from all suppliers.

    In this menu you can also select the desired supplier.

  3. The change will come into force after you've saved the form.