The customers of your MyCashflow online store can be classified into customer groups. In this way, you can e.g. enable certain payment and shipping methods to selected customer groups.

Creating customer groups

  1. To create a new customer group, in your online store's admin panel, on the Customers page, click Add customer group.
  2. Enter the name for the customer group in all relevant languages.
  3. Finally, click Save.

Adding customers to customer groups

The customers that register in your online store are added to the default Registered group automatically.

Customers can belong to multiple customer groups at a time.

You can add customers to desired customer groups at two locations:

On the list on the Customers page

  1. Grab the icon on the left side of the row. The icon becomes visible when you hold the pointer over the row.
  2. Drag the row to the desired customer group.

In the customer information form

  1. First, open the selected customer's information by selecting the customer's name from the list on the Customers page.

    The customer information view opens. Open the customer information form by clicking Edit in the upper right corner of the customer information view.

  2. In the form's Customer groups section, add the customer to the desired customer groups. To search for and select your online store's customer groups, use the text field.
  3. Make sure that you save the customer information after making any changes.

Deleting customers from customer groups

  1. From the list on the Customers page, select the desired customer.

    The customer information view opens.

  2. In the upper right corner of the view, click Edit.

    The customer information form opens.

  3. To delete the customer from the desired customer groups, in the customer information form, in the Customer groups section, click the icon visible next to the group.
  4. Save the customer information, so that the changes will come into force.