With campaigns, you can create discounts of different types in your MyCashflow online store.

Campaigns allow you to create different types of discounts in your store:

  • Product discounts that are applied to selected products.
  • Quantity-based discounts that enable the customer to purchase multiple pieces of the same product at a discounted price.
  • Percentage-based and fixed discount lines that allow the customer to receive a discount on order products or on the order total.
  • Free shipping with selected shipping methods. It is also possible to set a minimum order total.

Apart from campaigns, you can create discounts in your online store by using discount coupons and gift cards (currently an experimental feature).

You online store's current campaigns are listed in the admin panel, on the Products, in the left-hand Campaign pane.

To see all campaigns (including hidden and past campaigns), click the Show all link.

By clicking the campaign name, you'll see the campaign details with the campaign summary and, if relevant, products included in the campaign.

Campaigns in the online store's customer area

If you've created a separate campaign page for a campaign, the campaign is going to be displayed on the campaign list. In the MyCashflow default theme, the campaign list is located in the top navigation bar.

In the MyCashflow default theme, the campaign page contains the campaign products as well as information about the campaign itself.

Even if the campaign doesn't have its own campaign page, the customer will be informed about the campaign along with the products if the campaign terms are met.

When the customer orders a product at a campaign price, this information will be included in the shopping cart and at checkout. Additionally, you'll see information about the campaign on the admin panel's order page during order processing.