Interface tags are MyCashflow's internal commands used for printing online store contents and user interface components (such as forms). The tags' output can be specified by using attributes that adjust the contents printed by tags in different ways.

Using the Interface system is recommended only for advanced users who have experience in processing HTML markup.

Tags have been designed primarily for implementing store themes, but many can also be used in the online store's content fields, such as product descriptions.

In the Designer's Guide, you'll find detailed instructions on how to use tags in theme files.

Adding tags on online store pages

In this example, the {ContactForm} is used for adding a contact form to the product description field, which the customers can use to send inquires about the product.

  1. Open the desired product for editing in the admin panel.
  2. In the product description field, switch to the HTML edit view by clicking the <> button in the editor.
  3. Write Interface markup that includes the {ContactForm} tag, which prints the form.

    Below you can see a working example of markup that adds the form tag:

    {ContactForm( subject: 'Inquiry about the product {ProductName}', email: '', success: 'Thank you for your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.', failed: 'Sending the message failed.', on_success: '/page/3' )}

    First, the subject of the message sent by the form is defined in the subject attribute. Notice the {ProductName} tag used in the attribute that adds the product's name to the subject of the message.

    After that the email attribute is used for defining the email address to which the contents collected via the form should be sent.

    In the success and failed attributes, you can define the texts be displayed to the customer after the answers entered in the form have been saved.

    At the end, the on_success attribute is used for defining the address to which the sender should be redirected after sending the message.

  4. The Interface markup should be entered in the content field's HTML edit view.
  5. Save the page, and make sure that the form is displayed and works properly in the customer area. Send a test message to the indicated email via the form.