In MyCashflow, customers can subscribe to email notifications to be notified once the product they're interested in is back in stock. In this article, you'll learn how to use availability notifications in your online store.

Using availability notifications is possible only if the Interface tag {AvailabilityNotificationForm} has been added to the product page in your store theme.

The tag prints a form with which visitors can subscribe to availability notifications on the product page. Availability notifications can also be ordered for individual variations.

The form can also be printed with an additional option for enabling visitors to subscribe to your online store's newsletter. When visitors order the availability notification, they will be added to the availability notification subscribers.

Availability notifications are sent manually in the admin panel's product card. See the instructions below.

Keeping track of the availability notification

To find the products for which availability notifications have been requested, use the filters on the Products page. In the filter menu next to the search field, select Availability notifications.

If availability notifications have been requested for a product, this is also going to be indicated on the product list in the admin panel.

The number of availability notifications requested for the product can be seen in the product card's Stock tab.

You may want to check availability notifications every time you update the stock balances for your online store's products.

Sending availability notifications

If availability notifications have been ordered for a product or one of its variations, you'll see the relevant notification including the number of subscribers in the product card.

Availability notifications can be sent either for all variations at once or just for one variation at a time. The notifications are never sent automatically. Instead, they have to be sent manually in the product card's Stock tab.

To send availability notifications:

  1. Update the product's stock balance first.

    You'll be able to send the availability notification only if the product's stock balance is greater than zero. If the product is not going to be back in stock, you can send subscribers an alternative message to tell them that the product is permanently out of stock.

  2. In the notification, click Send notifications.
    The window for sending availability notifications opens.
  3. When necessary, select the individual variation for which you'd like to send the notification. You can also send the availability notification for all variations at once.
  4. The window opens with the default message so that it is pre-filled. Optionally, you can edit the message before sending the notification.

    You can also modify the text for the default availability notification in your online store's dictionary. The message's subject can be modified in the dictionary as well.

    The availability notification is multilingual. In the window, the message is displayed in the languages of all versions in which the availability notification has been subscribed to. The customers will receive the message in the language of the version they use.

  5. Finally, click Send notification. You can also preview the message.

    In the window, you can also clear the notifications without sending the availability notification to the customers at all.

    The availability notifications are sent for the selected variations, and the sending queue is cleared.