In MyCashflow, you can create downloadable products as well as add downloadable files to regular products. Your online store's customers will immediately be able to download the files after they have paid for their orders.

The download link can also be added to the Order confirmation page at checkout to enable customers to immediately download the files after being redirected back to your online store from the potential external payment service.

If the customer doesn't use any form of online payment to pay for the order, the product will be available for download in the customer account, on the Order tracking page or in email notifications (e.g. in the payment confirmation) once the order has been marked as having been paid and delivered.

Downloadable products can be created only in the following MyCashflow plans:

  • Advanced
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Downloadable files cannot be added to products with variations. You'll need to delete the variations first in order to add downloadable files to the product.

Creating downloadable products

  1. Start by adding a new product to your online store.
  2. To open the product card of the newly created product, select its name from the list on the Products page.
  3. Open the product card's Stock tab, and select the option Product has downloadable files.
  4. Click Add file.
    The file's download settings open.
  5. Define the settings.
    1. Select the file for uploading from your computer.

      The maximum file size is 20Mb.

    2. If the downloadable file has a different price from that of the main product, indicate a separate price for the file.
    3. Define a unique product code that will be used in order documents and for other related requirements.
    4. When necessary, set a limit for the number of downloads. You can limit both the number of downloads and the time period during which the product can be downloaded.
  6. Finally, click Add file.