In MyCashflow you can create gift cards for your customers, which they can used to pay for their orders.

This article is about renewed gift cards that you can enable as an experimental feature.

The new model of gift cards is due to replace the old discount coupons of the Gift card type on 1 June 2021.

When necessary, learn more about the old discount coupons if you don't wish to use this feature.

Gift cards function as the online store's payment method:

  • The customer can use multiple gift cards to pay for the order.
  • Gift cards cannot be limited to specific products, they always apply to the order total instead.
  • Applying a gift card to the order does not reduce the order total (nor taxes) but only the sum to be paid.
  • If the gift card's value covers the order total, the customer doesn't need to select a payment method at all.
  • If the gift card's value covers only a part of the order total, the customer can pay the outstanding balance with any of the online store's payment methods that is available.
  • It is also possible to use one discount coupon or campaign code in the online store.
  • If there is value left on the gift card after the customer has paid for the order, its code can be used at checkout again.

You may also want to check out the Sellable gift cards feature that enables you to sell gift cards in your online store.

Enabling the new gift cards

When the feature is enabled, all gift cards of the old type will automatically be converted into new gift cards.

So, first you need to make sure that your online store's discount coupons of the Gift card type don't use settings that aren't supported by the new gift card – otherwise enabling the new gift cards won't be possible:

  1. In the admin panel, go to Orders > Discount coupons.
  2. Search for discount coupons of the gift card type by using the relevant search filters.
  3. Make sure that the following settings are not enabled for the discount coupons:
    • Discount:
      • only selected products or
      • only shipping costs
    • Minimum order
Once the old gift cards have been updated, you can enable the new gift cards experimental feature:
  1. Go to Settings > Experimental features.
  2. Enable the New gift cards feature.

The new gift cards are now enabled in the online store, and the old discount coupons of the Gift card type have been converted into the new type of gift cards.

You can manage gift cards on the admin panel's Orders > Gift cards page.

See also the following help articles:

The Gift card page and gift card details

On the Orders > Gift cards page, you can see the list of your online store's gift cards.

You can filter gift cards based on text and other criteria. To display all available filters, click Show search filters at the top of the gift card list.

Open a gift card from the list to view and edit its settings. Here you can also see a list of all orders in which the gift card has been used.

Gift card reports

Gift cards function as a payment method, which means that information about used gift cards is included in the Payments report.

To download a report on gift card payments, select Gift card as the report's only payment method.