MyCashflow includes a CSV-based product document tool for adding free for download product documents to product pages (such as PDF guides or brochures).

The feature is still under development

While it is already possible to use product documents in MyCashflow online stores, you should be aware that the way they work can still change in the future. To stay up to date with all changes, follow our changelog.

Displaying product documents on product pages requires adding support for them to your store theme. See how to add theme support for product documents.

If you'd like to add files that customers can download only after purchasing the product, check out downloadable products.

When necessary, you can also add product documents to product pages by using the text editor.

Adding product documents to products

Product documents are added to products by using the CSV import:

  1. Add the product's documents to the file directory's documents/ folder on the admin panel's User interface > Filebrowser page.

    If the folder doesn't exist, first create it at the top level of the file directory.

    When necessary, see also the instructions on file management.

  2. Note down the file names without their file paths (e.g. manual.pdf).
  3. Prepare the CSV file for import.

    See also the CSV identifiers for importing product documents.

    Below you can see a sample file that adds 2 product documents to 2 products:

    ProductID;  DocumentFile;          DocumentTitle;             ProductDocumentSort
    11;         manual.pdf;            Download the user guide;   1
    11;         catalog.pdf;           Download the brochure;     2
    6;          user-guide.pdf;        Download the user guide;   1
    6;          product-catalog.pdf;   Download the brochure;     2
    • Products are identified with the help of the ProductID identifiers.
    • The DocumentFile identifier adds the file to the product.
    • DocumentTitle defines the file's download link text.
    • In the ProductDocumentSort column, you can define the order in which the files will appear on the download list.

  4. Import the file to your online store on the Reports > CSV Import page.

    As the import type, select Product documents.

    When necessary, see instructions on how to use CSV imports.

If the support for product documents has been added to your store theme, the imported documents will appear on the product page at the defined location.

Editing product documents

You can edit product documents by using the CSV export and import:

  1. Export product documents to a CSV file on the Reports > CSV Export page.

    Select Product documents as the export type.

    Select for importing at least Product document ID and Product ID as well as all fields you'd like to edit.

    When necessary, see instructions on how to use CSV exports.

  2. Make the desired changes to the CSV file.

    Do not edit the identifiers in the top row.

    You can edit the documents' link texts and order as well as change the product document file.

  3. Import the file back to your online store on the Reports > CSV Import page.

Removing product documents from products

Currently, product documents cannot be removed from products.

If you want to remove product documents from a product, contact our customer service.

Adding theme support for product documents

Displaying product documents on your store's product pages requires adding the product document download list to your store theme.

The download list can be added by placing the {ProductDocuments} tag at the desired location on the theme's product page. Read the {ProductDocuments} tag's instructions for more information.

So far none of MyCashflow's ready themes includes support for product documents.

Adding the tag and formatting its output on the product page requires making changes to your store theme. If you're not familiar with modifying your store theme's HTML/CSS/JavaScript files, contact the designer of your online store's theme or our customer service.