In MyCashflow, you can use product variations to differentiate between models, colors, or sizes of the same product. For instance, if you sell clothes, you can create separate variations for each color and size of the product.

You can create an unlimited number of variations, and doing so won't consume the product limit of your MyCashflow plan.

After you've created variations for the product, the visitors will select just one variation for purchase.

To see all variations of a product, in the admin panel's product card, go to the Stock tab.

Ordering variations

  1. Grab the icon on the left side of the row. The icon becomes visible when you hold the pointer over the row.
  2. Drag the whole row to the desired location on the list.

    The variations' order will be instantly updated in your online store.

Linking to variations

After you've created product variations in your online store, you can create direct links to any of them by adding the variation's ID in the format ?variation_id=8 to the product link.

When a visitor follows the link to the product page, the variation of your choice is going to be selected on the page.

You can check variations' IDs by using e.g. the CSV export.