In MyCashflow, product categories enable you to group similar products together. In addition, your online store's main navigation is based on product categories. In this section, you'll learn how to manage product categories in your online store.

Product categories enable visitors to your store to easily find similar products by browsing the store's menu. Products can also be browsed based on their brands.

All of your online store's product categories are listed in the admin panel, on the Products page, in the Categories column on the left.

New product categories can be created with the Add category button located under the list. You can also create new product categories by using CSV tools or the product form.

Product categories in your online store's customer area

There are several ways of displaying product categories in your online store's customer area. The display format can be defined in the store theme. In the MyCashflow default theme, product categories have been implemented as an easy-to-navigate sidebar.

Product categories have two different display types – Display window and Product list – which can be selected in the product category form. The display types' contents and appearance also depend upon the store theme. In the default theme, the display window presents the product category's subcategories as well as the newest products and featured items. The product list – just as one would expect – simply presents a list of the category's products.

Also, your online store's front page can be classified as a product category page. All your store's other product categories can be found in the product category menu on your online store's front page. The front page uses the third display type – Front page – that enables you to design a front page that is visually different from other product category pages.