With the Paytrail payment service, you can enable online payment features provided by the most common Finnish banks as well as credit card payments in your online store.

For more information about Paytrail, see our website.


  • Online payment features of the most common banks
  • Credit card payments
  • Bank transfers
  • Payment link, allowing an order to be paid via Paytrail at a later point in time
  • Payment method selection page bypass (Paytrail payment options embedded in the checkout page)
  • Returning payments directly in your online store's admin panel

When a customer at checkout chooses a payment method that uses Paytrail, they will be able to select one of Paytrail's services.

After selecting a service in the payment service view, the customer is redirected to the selected payment service, where they can pay the order. After this, the customer is again redirected to MyCashflow's order confirmation page.

If the customer returns to the online store directly from the payment service, the payment will be marked as paid immediately. If the customer does not return to the store, the payment will be marked as open, but Paytrail will automatically update its status later.

Paytrail payment services

Finnish banks' online bank payments

  • Nordea
  • Osuuspankki
  • Ålandsbanken
  • Danske Bank
  • Aktia Pankki
  • S-Pankki
  • Handelsbanken
  • POP Pankki
  • OmaSP

Invoice and installment plan

  • Jousto
  • Collector Bank
  • OP
  • AfterPay

Credit card payments

With Paytrail, you can enable payments with the following credit cards in your store:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • MasterCard Electronic
  • American Express

Credit card payments need to be arranged separately with the Paytrail customer service after enabling the service. When contacting Paytrail, include your account name and make sure to mention that you need credit card payments in your MyCashflow store.

In the paid MyCashflow plans, credit card payments can be enabled free of charge.

Delay in enabling credit cards

Enabling credit card payments takes longer than the usual adoption of the service, because Paytrail first needs to verify the details of your online store.

Enabling credit card payments usually takes up to a couple of days.

Other payment methods

  • MobilePay
  • Pivo
  • Nordea Siirto


If you are not yet a customer of Paytrail, start by registering in the service:

  1. In the admin panel, go to Settings > Payment methods.
  2. Open the Paytrail subscription form on the left-hand column.

  3. Provide all the necessary information on the form and send the form.

    Paytrail will process your subscription and they will notify you as soon as the payment service is ready to be used.

Next, you can create a new payment method that uses Paytrail:

  1. In the admin panel, go to Settings > Payment methods.
  2. Click Add payment method.
  3. Select Paytrail as the payment service.

  4. Enter the IDs received from Paytrail in the fields Account name and Secret key.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Define the payment method's settings.
  7. Test the payment method.

    Make sure that the payment method is displayed at checkout and works the way you intended by placing test orders with different shipping methods and in different versions.

    Learn more about testing payment methods ›

  8. Publish the payment method to make it accessible to everyone.

    By default, payment methods are hidden during the creation stage. Payment methods can be published by using the Show in selected store versions setting in payment method details.

Payment tracking and payment method management

You can manage the functioning of the service and the payment transactions in the Paytrail merchant panel at https://merchant.paytrail.com/login

The merchant panel is where you can, among other things,

  • manage and modify payment services used in your online store
  • check payment balances and payments that have not been accounted for.

Additionally, you will receive an accounting report from Paytrail twice a month.

Using the payment link

All payment transactions in Paytrail are linked to a payment page, where customers can make the payment. A payment link comes in handy, for instance, in the following cases:

  • Corrective payment transactions: If products need to be added in an order afterwards, you can create a new Paytrail payment for the order and send the payment link to the customer.
  • Orders created on behalf of the customer: When you create an order on behalf of the customer in the admin panel, it is convenient to charge the customer by means of a Paytrail payment link.

Using payment links in orders created on behalf of customers

Here's how to get a payment link for an order that you created yourself in the admin panel:

  1. First, create an order for the desired customer account.
  2. Once you've created the order, open it in the admin panel, and add the desired products to it.

    Once you're done adding products, you'll see a notification for creating a payment transaction for the order on the page.

  3. Click the link for creating a new payment transaction on the notification, and select a Paytrail payment method for it.

    You can also add a payment transaction by clicking Create new in the Payment transactions menu on the right.

  4. Send the order confirmation via the Email notifications section.

    In the default email themes, the payment link is already included in order confirmations.

    If you use a customized email theme, make sure that the order confirmation message contains a payment link. The link can be added to the email template with the ../interface/tags/transactionpaymentlink.html Interface tag.

    To obtain a payment link for a payment transaction created with Checkout, go to the right-hand Payment transactions menu. Open the payment menu, and copy the payment link from Link to payment.

  5. After the customer has made the payment, finish processing the order.

    If the customer returns to the online store directly from the payment service, the payment will be marked as paid immediately. If the customer does not return to the store, the payment will be marked as open, but Paytrail will automatically update its status later.

Refreshing the payment status

If the customer has selected a payment service that does not require the payment to be made at the same time when placing an order (e.g. it is possible to pay by invoice), you can refresh the payment status by using the Refresh payment status functionality available via the Payment transactions menu on the order page.

If the payment has been made, its status will automatically be updated on the Payment transactions menu pane.


Paytrail enables you to refund your customers directly from your online store's admin panel.

If an order has been paid with Paytrail, you can refund the payment via the right-hand Payment transactions menu on the order page.

Bypassing the payment service selection page

Paytrail contains an option to bypass the payment service selection page, which enables you to embed the Paytrail payment method selection in your store's checkout page.

When the setting is enabled, all the payment services enabled in the Paytrail merchant panel appear as separate payment methods at the checkout. This way your customers gain a clear picture of the available payment methods already before finalizing their order.

ApplePay cannot be embedded in the checkout page.

Enabling the payment service selection page bypass

After ordering the service, you can enable it by selecting The payment service selection will be bypassed in the settings of a payment method that uses Paytrail.

Save the settings after enabling bypassing the payment service selection page and defining payment options.