To process orders and ship your online store's products, your store will need suitable shipping methods. You can also integrate shipping services with your online store to print those services' shipping labels directly in your store's admin panel.

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Shipping methods can be managed on the page Settings > Shipping methods. On this page, you can see a list of all shipping methods enabled in your online store.

On the list, all shipping methods enabled in any of the store's versions are displayed in blue and the hidden ones – in grey.

Even though a shipping method may appear as active in the admin panel, it may not necessarily be displayed at checkout on the shipping method list. For instance, if the order requires package sizes that haven't been selected in any of the shipping method's settings, the shipping method won't be displayed.

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In all MyCashflow stores, a number of shipping methods is enabled by default. When you start defining the online store's settings, you can use them as a starting point.

Shipping labels

In MyCashflow, you can print order shipping labels in PDF format directly in your online store's admin panel. Shipping labels are created automatically based on orders, customers and shipping methods.

When creating a new shipping method, first you must select a service for creating shipping labels.

Selecting Only shipping labels means that the MyCashflow shipping label will be used, for which you can create a separate template in the store theme.

The MyCashflow default theme contains a ready implementation of a simple shipping label. If your own store theme doesn't contain the shipping label template, the template from the default theme will be used in its place automatically.

The content or design of external service's shipping labels cannot be modified in MyCashflow.

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Package sizes, shipping methods' weight limits and costs

In MyCashflow, shipping methods are selected for an order based on the order products and package sizes allowed in shipping methods.

Products' package sizes can be defined in the product form's Basic information section. Here you can also define the product's weight.

A product can only have one package size. Based on the product's weight and package size, the right shipping methods are selected automatically for it before the order is placed.

Shipping methods cannot be enabled manually for certain products or product categories; they are always selected automatically instead.

For a shipping method to be displayed at checkout, its maximum weight limit has to be higher than the order products' total weight and it must allow for all of their package sizes. The package sizes that the shipping method allows for can be selected in the shipping method form's section Shipping method limitations.

Learn more about how shipping methods are selected for an order.

Sorting shipping methods

The order of shipping methods in the admin panel, on the left side of the Settings > Shipping methods page is the same order in which shipping methods are displayed to your online store's customers at checkout. By default, the shipping methods that use collection points are listed first followed by all the shipping methods that are subjected to fees in the order based on their costs.

The top shipping method on the list is used as the default shipping method, which is selected automatically when the customer proceeds to shipping method selection at checkout.

You can rearrange the order of shipping methods by dragging them on the list on the Settings > Shipping methods page.

  1. Grab the icon next to the selected shipping method's name on the shipping method list.
  2. Drag the whole row to the desired location on the list: