Sometimes you may want to create an entirely new order for a customer. The customer may be unable to place the order because of an error, or you may receive an order which originates from outside your online store.

A new order can be created for the customer in the customer information:

  1. In the admin panel, on the Customers page, open the relevant customer information.

    Optionally, if the customer hasn't registered in your online store yet, create a customer account for the customer.

  2. In the customer information, click the New order for customer link.

    You will be redirected to the order page, on which you can define contents of the newly created order.

    An empty shipment for adding products is automatically created for the order.

  3. Add the desired products to the order.

    Currently, downloadable products cannot be added to orders created in the admin panel.

  4. Define a shipping method for all shipments.
  5. Add payments to the order.

Once the order details and customer information have been defined, the order is ready.

For manually created orders, no automatic order confirmation is sent. However, you can send the order confirmation from the order view's Email notifications pane.

After receiving the payment from the customer, process the order.