All MyCashflow plans contain built-in payment services, which you can use without having to enable any external services in your online store.

MyCashflow is equipped with the following internal payment services:

  • Invoice: A PDF file with an invoice is sent to the customer automatically if this payment method has been selected for the order.

    The order invoice can also be downloaded from the Payment transactions pane on the order page.

    The design and contents of the invoice can be modified in the store theme's HTML/CSS files.

    Learn more about formatting invoices.

  • Anticipated payment: after placing the order, the customer will receive an email with bank details and, when available, payment instructions.

    No PDF invoice is created for advance payments.

  • Cash-on-delivery: The recipient must pay the defined sum to claim the shipment at the logistics service's collection point. The sum will be transferred to your bank account within 2-4 business days.

    You can use cash-on-delivery with multiple logistics companies' (e.g. Posti's or Matkahuolto's) delivery services.

    To learn more about using cash-on-delivery, see delivery services' help articles.

  • Refund: this service enables you to indicate in an order that a refund has been made. In this way, bookkeeping reports will display correct order totals.

    The service cannot be used in the customer area.

    Learn more about making refunds.

  • E-Invoice: this service enables you to add e-invoice address and operator to customer information.

    MyCashflow does not forward e-invoices.

    However, you can use an external service to deliver e-invoices to your customers based on the information saved in their accounts.

    Currently, only customers who are logged in can use e-invoices.