With Klarna's modern payment services, you can augment your online store's selection of payment methods with invoices and installment plans that are risk-free to you as a merchant.

There are two Klarna payment services available in MyCashflow:

  • Klarna Checkout: This service allows you to enable Klarna Checkout, Klarna's online bank and credit card payments as well as invoicing and installment plan options in your online store.
  • Klarna Payments: This service makes it possible for you to enable Klarna's most popular payment options as well as the payment page managed by Klarna in your online store.

Klarna Checkout was updated to the new v3 version in all MyCashflow online stores on 15 December 2020

If you had been using the old version of Klarna Checkout, your payment service was updated to the new version automatically and free of charge.

If you're enabling Klarna Checkout in your online store for the first time, you will automatically gain access to the new version.

Learn more about the update and the changes it brings.

Currently, you can only sell to selected countries with Klarna (see the list).


Using the service is subject to fees. All orders paid with one of Klarna's services are subject to a provision based on percentage. The amount of provision depends on the online store's plan and the country from which the order has been placed.

See the pricing ›


Klarna's terms and conditions define the following limitations for using Klarna as an online store's payment method:

  • No other payment methods cannot be offered at the online store's checkout in addition to Klarna.

    However, Klarna's terms and conditions allow for using backup payment methods (e.g. MyCashflow Invoice) in the event of incidents that make Klarna unavailable. This isn't possible in Klarna Checkout though.

  • Klarna cannot be used with the following product categories and business sub-sectors:
    • Tobacco products
    • E-cigarettes
    • Weapons and ammunition
    • Over-the-counter and prescription drugs
    • Travel packages
    • Event and ticket sales
    • Marketplace ecommerce
    • Rentals (unless as main area of business)
    • Drop-shipping

Additional information

If you need help using Klarna's services, see the MyCashflow FAQ on Klarna's webpage that cover the basics of using Klarna Checkout in MyCashflow stores.