In order for your customers to be able to place orders in your online store, you need to define suitable payment methods.

MyCashflow doesn't contain any automatic payment processing services. However, MyCashflow does include two built-in payment services with which you can send your customers PDF invoices to their emails or provide them with your bank account details during ordering.

You can also easily enable in your online store the most popular, external payment services, such as bank transfers, credit card payments and online payment processing as additional services (all of which are subject to charges).

See the list of payment services supported by MyCashflow.

Payment methods are managed in the online store's admin panel, on the page Settings » Payment methods. On this page, you can see a list of all payment methods enabled in your online store.

To see the details of an individual payment method, select the method's name on the left side of the Settings » Payment methods page. To edit the payment method's details, in the payment method view, click Edit in the upper right corner.

Payment method availability at checkout

The customer will see at checkout only these payment methods that have been allowed for in the Shipping method limiting section of the selected shipping method's settings form.

If no suitable payment method is found when the customer arrives at checkout, an error notification will be displayed at the section for selecting payment method.

Sorting payment methods

You can arrange the order of payment methods in your online store by dragging them on the payment method list.

  1. Grab the icon that is visible on the left.
  2. Drag the row to the desired position on the list:

    The top payment method on the list is used as the online store's default payment method.

    The default payment method is selected at checkout automatically when the customer is placing an order.

    If the default payment method is not available with the order's shipping method, the next payment method in order will be selected by default.