In all paid MyCashflow plans, you can use your own domain. You can also ask us to order a new domain for you or point an already existing domain to your MyCashflow online store.

By default, the domains of all MyCashflow online stores have the following format: The default domain contains an SSL encryption free of charge, which means that you'll be always able to log in to the online store's admin panel when using encrypted connection.

You can also add an SSL encryption to your own domain. You can ask us to order a new certificate for you or use your own certificate if you have one.

Read more about using SSL encryption.

Registering a new domain

You can register a new domain by using the form on MyCashflow's website. In such a case, MyCashflow will maintain the domain.

Below you can see the prices of different domains when ordering via MyCashflow.

.fi30 €/year, 80 €/3 years, 130 €/5 years
.com30 €/year
.net30 €/year
Community features for your online store.

starting from 30 €/year

Email services for your own domain

60 €/user/year

All prices are indicated with 0% VAT.

Pointing your own domain to your online store

There are two ways in which you can point the domain you purchased earlier to your MyCashflow store:

Domain redirect

Redirecting your own domain to a MyCashflow store can be especially useful if you want, for instance, MyCashflow to become a part of an already existing website. In such a case, you won't have to change anything about your email services and the rest of your website.

The domain redirect service is free of charge. Order domain redirect.

Transferring domain hosting to MyCashflow

The domain maintenance can be transferred altogether to MyCashflow by changing its name servers to MyCashflow's name servers. In such a case, the services associated with the domain – such as email services or any subdomain redirects – will have to be recreated on the MyCashflow server. MyCashflow performs all the necessary changes to domain name services in order to point the domain to the online store.

Using MyCashflow's name servers is subject to charges of 20 €/year/domain (0% VAT).

MyCashflow can also take care of renewing the domain, in which case the domain charges will be invoiced once a year together with MyCashflow monthly fee.

Order domain transfer ›

Enabling your own domain

After you've ordered your own domain or pointed your old domain to your MyCashflow online store, you can enable the domain. You can do it by setting the desired address as the URL address of the selected store version.

  1. To open the selected store version's settings, go to User interface > Versions > [Version].
  2. Enter the domain into the URL address field in version settings.

    If you enter an address that hasn't been registered or that doesn't point to the MyCashflow server, you'll see a warning. You can bypass the warning by selecting the option Ignore DNS check.

    In such a case, verify that the DNS settings are correct. If you're not sure how to do it, contact our customer service.

  3. After making all the changes, save version settings.

Domains in multilingual stores

If your online store has multiple store versions, it is best to create for them separate domains or subdomains of the same domain. In such a case, the address of the Finnish language version could be, for example, and of the English language version

You can create new store and language versions in the admin panel, on the User interface > Versions page. In version settings, define the domain via which the customers should be able to access the store version.

If multiple domains point to one online store, the language and store theme displayed to the customer are defined based on the domain and store version settings.

Domains in testing phase

At times, for instance while working on your online store's layout theme, you may want to create a free subdomain such as for testing the theme before releasing it. In such a case, it is also advisable to temporarily close the store version that is used for development.

You can also use subdomains while translating contents.

The number of subdomains isn't limited, but a store version can only have one subdomain at a time.

Testing layout in different domains

  1. First, make a copy of the current theme directory and add it to the store's file directory in the admin panel, on the page User interface > Filebrowser.
  2. If your online store doesn't have its own store theme yet, you can, for instance, download an editable copy of the MyCashflow default theme as the basis for your new theme.
  3. Create a new store version and define its domain in the format

    In this way, you'll be able to use the subdomain for testing the store version right away, without any additional actions.

  4. Select the theme folder copy you've made earlier as the version's theme.
  5. Select the store's or the new store version's language.
  6. Save the settings.

Now you can start working on your layout theme in the theme folder you've created and see the changes at the address Once the layout theme is ready for use, go to the production version's settings and update them to use the new theme.