When a customer cancels an order and returns the products, you will most often have to refund the relevant payment to the customer.

MyCashflow doesn't contain any built-in payment transfers, but if a customer makes a return for instance, you can note this on the order page to indicate the fact that a refund has been made to the customer. In this way, reports will display correct order totals.

You can also make refunds directly from your online store's admin panel in case of some services.

The Refund payment method

If you'd like returns to be accounted for in payment reports for your online store, create a new payment method for noting order refunds.

MyCashflow contains a payment method called Refund, with which you can mark order refunds.

  1. Created a new payment method, and call it Refund, for instance.
  2. Select Refund as payment service.
  3. Define the rest of the payment method's settings, and save the payment method.

    The Refund payment method is never displayed at checkout, even if it is enabled for the store version.

Now the payment method is available on the order page for all correcting payment transactions. For detailed instructions on how to make refunds, see the next chapter.

Marking payments as refunded

When processing a return for which you'll have to make a refund, do the following:

  1. First, process product returns, as normal.

    After you've made all changes that are related to the return, the order total will be different, and MyCashflow will prompt you to create a new payment transaction to fix this.

  2. Open the window for creating payment transactions by clicking the link in the notification at the top of the order page.
  3. Select the option Create new payment transaction as the type of the payment transaction and the payment method for making refunds that you've previously created.
  4. Refund the customer in the desired way (e.g. bank transfer).
  5. After you've made the refund, mark the payment transaction as refunded in the Payment transactions menu on the order page.

When processing refunds in this way, all payments you make will also be accounted for in your online store's reports.

Making refunds with online payment services

You can also make refunds directly from your online store's admin panel by using the following online payment services:

When you use any of these services to make a refund, you don't have to use the Refund payment method to mark a payment as refunded.

If a payment transaction uses any of the above mentioned payment services, you will find the refund tool in the Payment transactions menu on the order page.

Refunding payments made with gift cards

When you process product returns for orders paid with gift cards and correct related payment transactions, the gift card balance is updated automatically.

As you process a product return, the order total will change, and MyCashflow will suggest refunding the overpayment. Return the overpayment via the notification at the top of the order page (by selecting ):
When you return an overpayment, the refunded sum will be added to the gift card balance automatically. The information about the refund will appear in order events on the order page and in gift card details.