MyCashflow is equipped with multiple settings with which you can define order-related functionalities to best suit your needs.

These order settings can be managed on the Settings > Order settings page.

Managing reasons for returns

For all exchanges and returns, you can mark the reason for a return on the return form.

On the page Settings > Order settings, in the section Return and exchange reasons, you can manage reasons for returns. You can use this area to add, delete, and join codes for reasons for a return.

If you delete a reason for a return, this reason will also be deleted from all orders that have used that reason. In addition, you won't be able to utilize the deleted reason with said orders.

Default settings for processing returns

You can specify whether products should be returned to stock by default when processing returns. If products can never be sold again after return, or you use a warehouse integration to return the products when shelved, you can save time and effort by changing this default setting in the Default settings for processing returns section on the Settings > Order settings page.

Default shipment settings

  • Shipping method used as default: In order settings, you can define a default shipping method that will automatically be applied to new shipments and orders created on behalf of customers.

    The default shipping method won't be applied if you create a partial shipment for an order with no shipping method.

  • Default shipment content description: You can also specify a default description that will be provided for shipments sent with shipping services that require customs clearance.

    Shipment description is required for shipments sent with the following services:

    • DHL:
      • Express 18:00 Domestic
      • Express Worldwide (EU countries)
      • Ecomony Select
    • Matkahuolto:
      • Near Parcel
      • Bus Parcel
      • Express Parcel
      • Home Delivery
      • Delivery Parcel
      • Pallet Freight
      • XXS Parcel
      • Near Parcel (Estonia)
      • Delivery Parcel (Estonia)
    • Posti SmartShip:
      • Postal Parcel
      • Home Parcel
      • Small Parcel
      • Registered Letter
      • Priority Letter with cash on delivery
      • Express Letter
      • Freight
      • Express Parcel
      • Express Business Day Parcel
      • Express Freight
      • EMS express service
      • Priority Parcel
      • Posti Parcel Baltic
    • Shipit:
      • Matkahuolto: Bus Parcel, Delivery Parcel, Near Parcel, Home Delivery and XXS Parcel
      • Posti: Postal Parcel, Small Parcel, Express Parcel, Express Business Day Parcel, Priority Parcel, EMS and EMS Dockpack
      • PostNord: MyPack Collect
      • UPS: Expedited, Express, Express Docs, Express Saver, Express Saver Docs, Standard
    • Unifaun eCom PRO and LITE:
      • DHL: Economy Select (duty-free), Express Worldwide
      • Posti: EMS, Express Freight, Freight and Priority Parcel

Default payment method

You can set a default payment method for payment transactions that will be automatically enabled for all payment transactions created via the admin panel.

You can define the default shipping method on the Settings > Order settings page, in the Default payment method section.

Order settings available via customer service

Some order settings can only be enabled by contacting our customer service. They are:

  • Enabling order archiving
  • Custom order numbering: by default, order numbering proceeds sequentially starting at one, but with this setting you can define the desired number for the next order.
  • Custom customer numbering: you can also define the desired customer numbers, just as you can with order numbers.
  • Custom payment transaction numbering: you can define a fixed prefix for payment transactions to which an alternating checksum number is added. For example: PREFIX-20190505000ID.
  • Minimum order total: if the minimum amount is not reached, the order cannot be placed.
  • Creating a temporary product reservation during payment service redirection: ordered products can be reserved even before the customer has paid for the order.

    By default, the reservation is made only after the customer has confirmed the order.

    This setting helps you to avoid tricky situations, especially during busy times, should multiple customers simultaneously order the same product.

  • Free products campaigns: in your online store you can create campaigns with a discount of 100%.
  • Local VAT rates: If you are registered for tax purposes in another EU country or the United Kingdom, enable this setting to ensure that local tax rates are automatically applied when the end customer is an individual residing in that country.

    Learn more about selling goods to consumers in another EU country or in the United Kingdom.

    When necessary, you can also edit the order product's tax rate on the order page after the customer has already ordered the product.