Order details and contents can be edited on the order page.

Currently, in case of orders paid for with Klarna Checkout, you cannot make any changes that would influence order totals (such as editing product contents, payment and shipping costs, discounts etc.) before payment activation.

Editing customer and shipping details

You can edit order-specific customer information without permanently updating it in the customer account.

This may come in handy in cases where customers would like to place orders via their own customer accounts but define different recipient details.

  1. In the order page's right-hand Customer groups pane, click the Edit link.

    The customer information opens for editing.

  2. Make the desired changes to the customer information.
  3. As an additional option, you can also edit the order's shipping address by clicking the Edit link in the Delivery address pane's upper corner.
  4. Click Save.

Editing payment and shipping costs as well as managing discounts

You can edit payment and shipping costs as well as discounts for the orders in process in the order page's Order price details section.

It is most likely that, every time you edit any of the above, you will have to create a new payment transaction for registering additional payments or making refunds.

Editing the order's payment transactions

In the right-hand Payment transactions pane of the order page, you can see all payment transactions created for the order.

In the payment transaction's drop-down menu, you can mark it as paid, nullify it, or change its status to open if you've marked it as paid by accident.

If the order uses Klarna, Checkout or Mash, you can also make a refund directly through the Payment transactions pane on the order page.

In certain cases, you may also be able to add payment transactions to the order.