The admin panel's Orders page is equipped with an order search, with which you can search for orders based on a variety of criteria. You can also save order searches to more easily find desired orders later on.

Using the search tool

You can browse and filter orders by using tools included on the Orders page.

The heading row of the order table contains filtering tools that enable you to search for orders by using the following criteria:

  • creation date
  • status
  • payment status
  • payment method / information on whether any payment method has been selected
  • shipping method / information on whether any shipping method has been selected
  • versions
  • information on whether the order contains downloadable products
  • information on whether the order has been added to a processing list
  • archive status

The content of the order list is updated whenever search criteria are modified. The selected search criteria are displayed at the top of the order table.

If you leave the Orders page or open an order, the search criteria will remain unchanged the next time you return to the page.

Keyword search

You can also search orders by using targeted keyword search. The search can be targeted at the following order information:

  • orderer details (when this option is selected, you can also provide a specific order number as a keyword, in which case the only matching order will be returned)
  • orderer address
  • shipping country
  • product name
  • product number
  • payment transaction reference number
  • additional order information and order comments
  • shipment tracking code

When used on the order page, the search targets orderer details.

You can also combine keyword search with other filters (such as order status, version etc.). To do so, first perform keyword search, and then apply other filters. Using keyword search resets previously selected filters.

Saving order searches

After defining the desired search criteria, you can save the search to more easily find the desired orders later on.

Saved order searches cannot include keywords.

To save an order search:

  1. On the Orders page, define the desired search criteria in the search tool.
  2. Make sure that the search returns the desired orders.
  3. Open the Save this search menu located at the top of the order table.
  4. Enter a name for the search.

    Based on the name, you will be able to find the search from the Saved searches menu.

  5. Click Save.

You'll find all of your saved searches from the Saved searches menu above the order table.

Saved searches are also used for defining which orders should be included in order reports and CSV exports.

Deleting order searches

To delete a saved search:

  1. Open the Saved searches menu above the table on the Orders page.
  2. Click the Delete link for the saved search that you'd like to delete.

    The search is immediately deleted and cannot be recovered.