You can develop a customized theme for your MyCashflow online store by using the HTML and CSS languages as well as the MyCashflow Interface markup.

To design a MyCashlow theme, you need to be skilled in the most common languages used in web design such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Themes comprise of HTML and CSS files, which are discussed in detail in our Designer's Guide.

Your MyCashflow online store includes 5 free, ready-to-use themes which you can preview and enable in desired versions on the User interface > Themes page.

Interface markup

MyCashflow themes are implemented by means of the Interface markup, which is used for printing online store contents in HTML templates.

For instance, in the product page template, the {ProductName} tag prints the product's name when used in the header element.


For more information about the Interface markup, see the Designer's Guide and the User Guide.

In the MyCashflow Theme Store, you'll find instructions on how to create a user-friendly, functional and high-quality theme. The instructions are primarily meant for designers working on themes for the MyCashflow Theme Store, but anyone working on a theme will find the contents useful.

See the Theme Store for design instructions ›