When creating a separate area for resellers in your online store, you must create at least a separate customer group for them. In some cases, you may also want to create a separate store version for resellers (more info is available below on this option).

When do I need a separate store version for resellers?

You may want to create a separate store version that is available only to resellers if you'd like to:

  • Make some of your online store products available only to resellers. With the help of a store version, you can set those products that are to be visible only to logged-in resellers.
  • Have a separate store theme for resellers. Customizing the design of the reseller store can be carried out by creating a new store theme, which can be then enabled in the reseller version.
  • Display prices excluding tax to resellers. In such a case, you don't have to create a separate store version, but you may still want to do so, as the easiest way to display prices excluding tax is by creating a separate store theme for the reseller version.
  • Enable resellers to apply for a reseller account in your online store's customer area. You can also create reseller accounts in the admin panel yourself, but if you'd like resellers to send you reseller applications, you'll need a separate, closed store version.

If your store has no use for any of the above, there is no need for you to create a separate store version for resellers.

Reseller customer group

Firstly, to create a new customer group, go to the Customers page, and click Add customer group. As the new customer group's name, enter something like Resellers.

When registering a reseller account in your online store, add all the accounts to this customer group. Learn more about registering reseller accounts.

You can also create multiple reseller groups to serve different purposes. In such an event, add all resellers to a single, common group and other groups as necessary.

Reseller store version

If your store is intended exclusively for resellers, you can make changes to your online store's default version instead of creating a new one.

  1. To create a new store version, go to the User interface > Versions page, and click Add version.

    Enter a name for the version, e.g. B2B.

  2. In the store version settings, select Require login, and select all relevant reseller customer groups.

    Only customers who are logged in and belong to one of the selected groups can access the version that requires a login.

    Other customers will be redirected to the login page, via which they will also be able to apply for a reseller account.

    Below the customer group field, when necessary, type reseller registration terms and conditions that will be displayed with the reseller application.