In reseller stores, prices are most often displayed so that they exclude tax. Always include tax when defining product prices in your online store's admin panel. Prices which exclude tax can be displayed in the store theme. When necessary, you can also display both prices – including and excluding tax.

Displaying prices which exclude tax requires the store theme's HTML files to be edited and the use of MyCashflow's Interface tags.

If you don't have any experience in editing your store theme, contact your theme's designer or our customer service.

To display prices which exclude tax in your online store, set the attribute includetax:false to the tags that print product prices and order totals. To do so, create a copy of the store theme, and enable it in the reseller store version.

The sample below illustrates how to print both prices which include and exclude tax:

    includetax: false

The first tag ../interface/tags/productprices.html prints prices which include tax and the other the prices which exclude tax.

In the same way, you should edit all tags that print shopping cart and order totals both on your store's public pages as well as in order printouts such as receipts. The same attribute can also be added to these tags. The example below illustrates how to print the shopping cart order subtotal with tax exluded:

    includetax: false

For more information about store theme templates that require editing as well as Interface tags used for printing totals and prices, see the Designer's Guide.