If the product prices for consumers and resellers differ in your online store, you can set separate prices for resellers by creating a discount campaign for them.

Enter the product prices including taxes.

When creating products for resellers, in the product form don't set prices excluding tax. Prices excluding tax can be displayed in the customer area by implementing the store theme in the designated way.

For more information, see chapter B2B online store 6/6: displaying prices which exclude tax to resellers.

Here you can learn how to set different prices for a product in consumer and reseller store versions. If products for resellers aren't sold to consumers at all (or the price stays the same), you don't need to do anything.

To define separate reseller prices for selected products:

  1. On the Products page, create a new campaign by clicking Add campaign.
  2. Optionally, if there is a separate store version for resellers in your online store, you can set the campaign so that it is visible only in the reseller version.

    In this way, even resellers who are logged in won't be able to see the reseller prices unless they visit the right version.

    To display reseller prices in all versions of your online store, select all versions. You may want to do this if you offer the same products both to resellers and consumers.

    To learn more about limiting the product catalog to resellers, see chapter B2B online store 5/6: limiting the product catalog to resellers.

  3. In the campaign settings, add the rule Limited for customer groups, and select all of the reseller customer groups.

    When necessary, add other rules such as the validity period for prices.

  4. As the campaign discount type, select Campaign begins.

    When necessary, add other types of discount for resellers such as free shipping.

  5. Add to the campaign all products that have separate reseller prices.

    Finally, add prices to the products. When necessary, see the instructions on adding and pricing campaign products.

Reseller prices that are defined in this way are now visible to logged-in customers who belong to the reseller customer group. If you've set the campaign to be visible only in the reseller version, the prices won't be visible elsewhere, which means that resellers will have to visit the reseller version to see the prices.