If not all of your online store's products are available to consumers, and there is a separate product catalog for resellers, you can set your store's products to be visible only to logged-in resellers.

The product catalog for consumers and resellers can be completely different, identical, or can partially overlap.

Also, product prices can be different between different customer groups.

For more information, see chapter B2B online store 4/6: defining prices for resellers.

You can limit individual products or entire product groups or brands to resellers. In this way, the contents will be visible only to resellers.

  1. Open the desired product, product category, or brand.
  2. Set the content to be displayed exclusively in the reseller version.

    If you limit entire product categories to resellers, their products will be still available in all versions via a direct link. However, such products won't be returned by the search engine, and it won't be possible to access them via your online store's navigation.

    To make sure that no one other than resellers can accesses the products, you must set each product separately as being visible only in the reseller version.

In the store version settings, you can also select a separate product category for resellers whose subcategories and products will be displayed only in the reseller version. In this way, you can easily keep reseller products separate from the consumer product catalog.

Similarly, you can also implement an individual front page for the reseller version (for example) by selecting a desired template for the selected customer group by using the Web Designer extension.