All MyCashflow online stores are equipped in the customer area with an internal search engine for searching for store products. The online stores with free and paid MyCashflow plans use different search engines.

Here you can learn more about both engines and how they work.

MyCashflow's internal search engine adheres to the general rules governing search engines, which means that content optimization makes it easier to find products not only when using the store's internal search engine but also when using web search engines (such as Google or Bing).

See also MyCashflow's instructions on how to optimize your store contents for search engines.

Search engine in the Free plan

The search engine in the free online stores focuses on the following information:

  • Product name
  • Product code
  • Supplier's product code
  • Description
  • Product information
  • Product's key words
  • Product's location in the warehouse

Search engine in the paid plans

The paid MyCashflow online stores have been equipped with a more efficient search engine with multiple additional features.

When disruptions occur:

If a temporary disruption occurs in the paid stores' search engine, the free stores' search engine is enabled in its place.

After the disruption is over, the more efficient engine is re-enabled in the paid stores automatically.

Search focus

The search engine in paid online stores focuses on the following information:

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Product information
  • The names and product codes of products, variations and downloadable files
  • The names of the product's categories and brand
  • Product images' captions
  • Products' key words
  • Search engine optimization fields in the Web Designer extension

Search index updates

The search engine has to index the online store's products so that they can be found from it later on. Indexing is done every 24 hours during the night. It means that products can become visible in search even with a 24-hour delay.

Products aren't indexed if they're not visible in at least one store version. So, a product will become visible in search engine results only if it is visible in a store version and has been indexed.

Closed store versions aren't indexed at all

If you add a product only to a hidden store version, it will become visible in search results only after the store version has been published.

Search tools

Paid online store plans contain also search tools for narrowing down search results according to the following criteria:

  • Price category (e.g. €50-100)
  • Product category
  • Brand

Search tools have to be enabled separately in the online store's theme by using the search tools' Interface tags.

Implementing live search in the store theme

There are multiple Interface tags connected to MyCashflow's search engine, which means that the options available with the search engine depend on the tags used in the theme. Note that some search tags are available only in the paid MyCashflow plans.

See also the documentation for search tags.

The MyCashflow default theme contains all search functions available in free and paid online stores.

Using the search engine in the store theme

The search terms that are defined for the product list tags' (e.g. {Products}) keyword attribute are entered – depending upon the MyCashflow plan – either to the paid or free search engine, thereby enabling the tag to print the products that have been found based on the keywords.

It means that you can add fixed product searches to the desired pages, such as:

{Products( keyword: 'winter downhill skiing' )}