In MyCashflow, you can create multiple users and manage their user rights to different actions in your online store. For instance, you can create a separate user account for your theme designer and limit their access to selected versions and theme-related tools.

Creating and modifying users

Here's how to create a new user for the online store:

  1. Go to Account > Users.
  2. Click Add user.
  3. Fill in the user details form.
  4. Click Save.

The user will receive an email notification about their new account.

The new user will be able to set their new password to the online store's admin panel via the message. You cannot set the password yourself.

Here's how to edit a user:

  1. On the Account > Users page, open the user's details from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Make the necessary changes in the user's details.
  4. Click Save.

The settings of the user form

This section presents the fields in the user account settings form.

  • Name: the user's name. Required field.
  • Email: the user's email address with which they can log in to the admin panel. Required field.
  • Phone: the user's phone number. It's not used for anything, but you may want to save it for the sake of internal communication.
    • In urgent cases, our customer service might contact users by phone.
  • Language: defines the admin panel's interface language for the user. Currently, the supported languages are Finnish and English.
  • Permissions: defines the pages, actions and contents that the user can access in the admin panel:
    • Reports: access to the Overview and Reports pages. The user can view and download reports, as well as use the CSV export and import functions.
    • Orders: access to the Orders page. The user can view, process, modify and archive the store's orders.
    • Products: access to the Products page. The user can manage all the contents on the Products page (e.g. products, product categories and campaigns).
    • Customers: access to the Customers page. The user can view and modify the store's customer register.
    • Contents: access to the Contents page. The user can manage the content pages, news, banners and dictionary.
    • Account: access to view the Account page. Only the account owner can edit billing information and change the service plan.
    • Users: access to the Account > Users page. The user can add and remove other users, as well as change their permissions.
    • Settings: access to the following pages:
      • Settings > General settings
      • Settings > Payment methods
      • Settings > Shipping methods
      • Account > Apps
      The user can edit the store settings, contact information, payment and shipping methods, and manage extensions.
    • User interface: access to the User interface > Versions and User interface > Filebrowser pages. The user can make changes to the theme, and manage files and versions.
    • Bookkeeping: the ability to undo order archiving and specify order archive dates.

      If you'd like to give the Bookkeeping permission to a user, contact our customer service, e.g. via the chat in the admin panel.

Deleting users

  1. Open the desired user's details from the list on the Account > Users page.
  2. Click Edit in the upper right corner of the user's details.

    The user details form opens.

  3. Click the Delete link at the top of the form.

    The user will be deleted immediately and for good. The user details cannot be recovered.